Best Intex Inflatable Hot Tubs (Intex PureSpa Review)

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January 16, 2021

Inflatable hot tubs made by Intex are one of the most popular on the market (and rightly so). Luckily for us, Intex manufactures a wide range of inflatable hot tubs for us to choose from. Let's take a deep look at each hot tub's advantages and disadvantages.

TOP 3 Intex Inflatable Hot Tubs:

1. Intex 77in PureSpa

intex 77 inch pure spa
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The Intex PureSpa is the best inflatable hot tub in our top list. It provides you the luxury of pampering yourself in relaxing heated water, complete with soothing bubbles.

It’s the perfect water relaxation equipment after a hard day’s work. Best of all, you won’t have to shell out tons of cash to get this experience (It’s really affordable!)

It’s easy to set up and includes an innovative control panel so you can just sit back and let the massage spa do the job for you. Intex hot tub is easily stored so it’s perfect if you have a limited space in your home.


Volume4 person
Capacity210 gal
Max water temperature104°F
Inflated outer diameter77″
Inflated inner diameter57"
Weight87.2 pounds
Heater power1300 watts
Air pump power1.1 hp
Hard water systemYes
Insulated coverYes
Flow rate460 gal/hour
Nr. of airjets120

Key features of Intex PureSpa:

intex purespa features

Personalized Heating

One of the best things about this intex inflatable hot tub is that you will get a personalized experience each time you take a dip in the tub. This is because of the intelligent heating system which adjusts to fit your personal temperature preference. Unlike other spa sets that get too hot or do not get warm enough, this tub will take out the hassle of going through countless adjustments in your settings to get the right temperature. Your personal spa should reduce stress, not add to it and this tub will guarantee you a stress-free spa experience.

Apart from this, this spa made by the famous intex brand features an insulated cover and lock to help minimize heat loss. That means, you also don’t have to worry about the water getting cold over time. You can stay and relax as much as you want, and it will maintain the ideal temperature for you. The cover also has a lock to provide added safety.

The water temperature reaches up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and you can increase or decrease it as you please (104° is the legal max). To reach the maximum temperature, keep in mind that the outside temperature must be at least 50 degrees.

Hard Water Treatment System

The spa features a built-in hard water treatment system which means the water in the tub will be gentle on your skin as well as your clothes. It will also prevent damage to the spa system. Because of this hard water treatment, there will be no build-up of hard water so that the water has better flow. It will also give your spa a longer lifespan because hard water could cause damage to it.

hard water ilustration

Creates Suspended Crystals

The intex spa system features an advanced technology that allows it to create suspended crystals. It generates an electromagnetic field that agitates calcium and other minerals in the water which then creates the crystals. These suspended crystals are kept in the cartridge of the filter so that the water in your spa will always be soft.

Control Panel

It includes an easy to use digital control panel which allows you to activate the 120 high powered bubble jets. This produces the bubbles on the interior of the spa giving you a relaxing and refreshing massage. This control panel will also let you adjust the temperature of the bubble sprays. It’s covered with a hassle-free high-quality plastic so that it’s safe and protected.

This panel features a digital display with clear colored numbers and symbols so you can easily see the temperature and other settings that you want to adjust on the system. It has a user-friendly interface so you don’t have to be an expert to configure your spa system.

Fiber-Tech Construction

The material of the tub is a highly durable fiber tech construction and it can withstand heavy-duty use. it also provides maximum comfort so you can sit and relax in the tub as long as you want. It has a 3-ply laminated, puncture-resistant material so it doesn’t easily incur holes even if you use it outdoors.

Simple Maintenance

The spa is easy to clean and maintain. It includes two filter cartridges that are easy to replace. You don’t have to call a professional to do the replacement for you.

Convenient Storage

The Intex PureSpa is portable so you can easily transport it from one place of the house to another. The exterior has integrated grab handles with comfortable grips so you can move it around even when inflated.

The set comes with a carry bag so you can put it away easily when not in use or bring the spa system with you when you travel.

Easy to Set Up

The spa system is considered a plug and play system. It’s fast and easy to install and you don’t need an expert to set it up for you. You will receive a package that includes several units so you are aware of the different parts that you need to install. It comes with a DVD that will provide you with clear and easy-to-follow instructions to properly set up your spa. No special equipment necessary that is not included.


The Intex PureSpa inflatable hot tub is a complete set that comes with all the necessary accessories you will need to inflate, use, and maintain it.

Heater pump

The spa comes with a heater and this is what keeps the tub warm.

Chlorine Dispenser

It also includes a floating pool chlorine dispenser. You can use this to kill algae or germs that could form in the water inside the tub. It is a drifting container so you can immediately dispense the right amount of chlorine into the water if you need to. You can use chlorine tablet computers which are included when you first purchase the set.


The cover for the tub is also inflatable. It is designed with durable belts and matching buckles to keep the spa safe and secure. It has a slightly bigger diameter than the tub and you have the option to keep it on or take it off by twisting it.


The Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is a hassle-free personal spa system that will give you the relaxation that you want without all the stress of complicated installations and set up. It has a control panel that is easy to use. It produces warm soothing bubbles and optimal heating to provide you with a refreshing massage when you need it.

2. Intex 85in 6 Person Spa

intex pure spa 6 person

Our rating:

6 person capacity
starstarstarstardark star
Hard water treatment
starstarstarstardark star
Good deal!

This is a bigger brother of the Intex 77″ spa. It has all the features of the smaller sibling, but is more spacious and holds more water. The official seating capacity is 6 people. It’s definitely possible with close friends and a lot of legs touching. There are currently no other bigger inflatable hot tubs than this anyway. The picture above will give you a nice example of how spacious it is. 

If you want exact information, take a look at the specs below. With a capacity of 290 gallons of water, this thing is a monster with a weight of 2400 lbs when full!


Volume6 person
Capacity290 gal
Max water temperature104°F
Inflated outer diameter85″
Inflated inner diameter65"
Weight114.4 pounds
Heater power1300 watts
Air pump power1.1 hp
Hard water systemYes
Insulated coverYes
Head rests2
Flow rate460 gal/hour
Nr. of airjets170
Carry bagYes

In comparison to the smaller 77 inch Intex PureSpa which has 120 bubble jets, this one has 140.

Our take on this? You won’t notice the difference. More jets are needed due to bigger circumference, but the difference in number is not important at all.

Both intex hot tubs share the same heater and blower, which means this one will take slightly longer to heat but will hold it’s temperature longer.

But should you buy this hot tub? Let’s see whether it lives to its name, read this review, and be prepared to reconsider.


  • If you’re looking for a portable inflatable hot tub, that will accommodate you and your family. This might be your deal; it’s extra-large to accommodate a family of six.
  • Talk of durability, something that most customers are looking for. This tub is constructed from anti-puncture Intex Fiber-Tech heavy-duty vinyl and durable beam construction for reinforced stability; you can even sit on the 3-ply walls.
  • Its floor is well cushioned and fitted with a convenient drain system for easy emptying.
  • This hot-tub self-inflates in less than 3 minutes. It can’t get better than this!
  • It comes with a simple control panel to control the heater, massage jets, and filtration system. It provides you with total relaxation at the touch of the button.
  • Fitted with 140 high powered massaging bubble jets on the inner lining that get to work and provides a refreshing massage.
  • With a hard water treatment system, it softens water as it passes through the filtration system and makes it gentle on skin, Spa components, and clothes. It’s, therefore, ideal for those who have wells
  • The adjustable heater allows you to heat the water to your preferred temperatures. It can heat up to 104 degrees.
  • It sets up in minutes as it is fitted with everything you need for an effortless and quick installation.
  • It leaves no stone unturned; this Pure Spa package includes a ground cloth for insulation, a cover that both insulates and locks the tub. This insulation reduces heat loss keeping your tub warm for a long time.
  • It also includes an easy to replace filter cartridges that ensure your tub is clean and safe anytime.
  • Packed with a free set up and maintenance guide
  • It’s designed with safety in mind. It comes with a floating chemical dispenser to ensure your pool is safe.
  • It’s convenient to carry and store as it comes with a carry bag with grab handles. So you can carry it in and out of your house.
  • Packed with one year warranty as an assurance of quality


  • The bubble system is a bit loud, so may not hear your phone ring
  • The heater turns off automatically when the bubbles are switched on
  • At least a day is required to heat the tub to the maximum temperature

3. Intex PureSpa Octagon

intex 77 inch pure spa
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Another amazing inflatable hot tub by Intex. This time in an octagonal shape.

The biggest feature of this inflatable spa are 4 high powered water jets for massage. Most of the other spas in this category only have an air blower with air jets, this Intex spa has both!


Volume4 person
Capacity210 gal
Max water temperature104°F
Outer dimensions79″ x 79" x 28"
Weight150 pounds
Hard water systemYes
Insulated coverYes
Salt water systemYes
Nr. of water jets4
Nr. of airjets120
Carry bagYes

Make sure to select the correct version on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

What does E90 error mean on Intex hot tub?

Alarm code E90 means no water is flowing through the water pump/heater unit.

Here's how you can troubleshoot the issue, definitely check the third tip, as it's a common cause of the E90 error:

1. Check if the filter is clogged

The easiest way to do it is to follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the control unit
  2. Take out the filter
  3. Turn the control unit back on and try to run it without the filter

If it runs, the filter is probably providing too much resistance for the water to flow through it. Clean it up in warm soapy water (soak it there in half an hour, shake it to loosen the dirt), then rinse thoroughly.

2. Check if the pump motor works

If the error appears without the filter installed and instantly after turning the hot tub on, it's possible that the water pump motor failed and has to be replaced. Please contact the seller or manufacturer directly for more information or warranty replacement.

3. Check if the water flow sensor is clean

This requires a tiny bit of disassembly (but it's very easy and straightforward). Check out this video:

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