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So how did it all begin?

You know how it goes, some people go on a shopping spree and purchase whatever they like – I’m not like that. I always dive super deep into the whole product category. I have to understand the exact inner workings and differences between devices (in this case, inflatable hot tubs). People often don’t understand why so much hesitation and why it takes me weeks to decide on the right product.

I want my stuff to last! I hate when a small part of a product breaks and renders the whole product non-functional. Proper pre-purchase research is great – but it takes a lot of time.

Back in 2014, my interest in hot tubs and my trying to learn how to create websites resulted in the creation of the Inflatable Hot Tub Center (Thanks to my wife for also being part of this).

Since then, we are reviewing inflatable hot tubs, creating buying guides, answering FAQs, or just sharing tips and tricks. We’ve seen terrible hot tubs, but also some really innovative ones.

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