TOP 3 Cheap Inflatable Hot Tubs

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June 21, 2022
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When it comes to relaxing in a hot tub – everybody loves it. But does it really mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on a built-in hot tub and hundreds on installation? Definitely no! 

These days, quality and durable inflatable hot tubs are manufactured for a very attractive price. Even the most basic and cheapest inflatable hot tubs are awesome - they might miss some premium features like underwater LED lights or included headrests. Luckily, you can purchase hot tub accessories separately.

Best Cheap Inflatable Hot Tubs [3 TOP picks]:

#1 Coleman SaluSpa (Best Cheap Blow-up Spa)

coleman saluspa inflatable hot tub

Extremely popular and cheap inflatable hot tub from a well-known brand Coleman. It features a hard water treatment system, an advanced heating system, and airjets (or air bubbles) of course. It seats up to four people and has a water capacity of 210 gallons. The included water heater can heat the water to up to 104 Degrees. There’s also a surface chlorine dispenser included.

The sturdy Tri-Tech walls get inflated in a few minutes and are so strong, you can sit on them! For your safety, Coleman included a GFCI breaker built into the hot tub, which cuts the power immediately if there's any short circuit. For the curious, here's how the GFCI breaker works.  It’s one of the most affordable inflatable hot tubs on the market right now!

Best features:

Awesome Chemconnect™ chemical dispenser system (instead of chemical floater)
Quality walls made using TRITECH™ material
Safety GFCI breaker tripping at 6ma
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#2 SaluSpa Miami

saluspa miami

High-quality hot tub for up to four people featuring rapid heating and water filtration system. How do I change the water temperature or turn the bubbles on and off? It’s very simple. SaluSpa Miami uses an easy-to-use digital control panel. The hot tub is made of a high-quality material called TriTech and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

To avoid thermal losses, bestway included a cover that rapidly reduces electric consumption when the hot tub is not in use. Setup is very easy, just follow step by step instructions provided on the DVD.

Best features:

Awesome Chemconnect™ chemical dispenser system (instead of chemical floater)
Quality walls made using TRITECH™ material
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#3 SaluSpa Paris (Premium features for a Great price)

saluspa miami

An inexpensive inflatable hot tub with built-in color changing led lights! It is designed to fit 4-6 people, but in fact, you would have a hard time squeezing six adults inside. SaluSpa Paris can be easily installed without any special tools, as is standard in the inflatable hot tubs industry. Water capacity is 250 gallons.

What about the heater? Well, just plug it into a common electrical socket, and you are good to go. Expect about 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour temperature rise.

Best features:

Best in-class underwater LED lights
Eye-catching white design
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Realtime price comparison

We fetch prices from Amazon in realtime so you can find the best deal right now!

Don’t forget to check out our best inflatable hot tub top list, some of the hot tubs there might cost a little more than the ones listed on this page, but they are worth checking out!

What are the advantages of buying a cheap inflatable spa?

Imagine if you decide to get a built-in hot tub. It will cost you thousands of dollars in installation costs + costs of plumbing and electrical work. Built-in hot tub price can easily get to 10,000$. Then there are standalone acrylic hot tubs, these are definitely more affordable than built-in, but they still cost thousands.

What if you can get all this relaxation for a few hundred?

That’s what cheap inflatable hot tubs are for. In a few hundred bucks, you get a heater unit and an inflatable spa (Which is much more rigid than you would expect from an inflatable. You can easily sit on the walls and it will support your weight easily without deforming). And what’s the most awesome part? You don’t need a plumber or an electrician. You can set it up yourself easily! These hot tubs run from an ordinary 110v socket and are filled using a water hose. It can’t get easier than this!

How much does it cost to repair an inflatable hot tub?

Repair costs are another part where cheap hot tubs win. You can easily get an inflatable hot tub for 350$, which might not be enough to cover one repair of a traditional jacuzzi.

If you are careful about inflatable hot tubs, they will serve you for a long time. Of course, don’t bring a sharp object with you into the hot tub. I don’t know of anyone going into a hot tub with a knife anyway :).

What if a leak occurs? Well, just patch it up! Take a look at our leak repair guide.

What about features?

You would be amazed at how luxurious these blow-up hot tubs are.

The two main drawbacks are the size and lack of water jets on cheap inflatable hot tubs.

While most of them have air jets (which actually some people prefer), some of them have real water jets just like their expensive built-in counterparts.

The biggest cheap inflatable hot tubs are for six people at most. And that’s with a lot of leg touching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are inflatable hot tubs worth it?

Yes, with a price often less than $500, they are at least 10 times cheaper than common acrylic or built-in hot tubs. If you take into account the costs of repair, which are minimal in inflatable hot tubs - they are clearly an awesome deal. The relaxation is comparable to what built-in hot tubs offer.

What should I put under my inflatable hot tub?

Most inflatable hot tubs come with a ground cloth, which provides both thermal insulation and puncture protection. You can also use an old rug instead.

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  1. I ordered the spa tub from this web site and have had no response from them been 3months the number they gave me was #7817.could you please let me know what happened to my order and money.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Barbara! I'm pretty sure you mean some other website. Do you mean Amazon? We are a review website, we try to bring you the most precise, honest and unbiased reviews of hot tubs, but we don't directly sell any.

  2. Was so excited.. figured it was bs!! But Ordered one on special for Xmas for 55.00
    On ig checked reviews said all was good but now can’t even find the website! Just wondering if u have heard anything about fraud??

    1. Hi Natasha! Where did you order it from? 55$ sounds unrealistically low. The best Christmas deals were at least 200 USD (at least on Amazon), and I doubt you would find any better than that. I'm sorry about that.

    2. Hey im in same boat!!! Was it green in color ? Looked close to a Colemans inflatable spa??
      I to would like to know to!! I was so damn excited that I'd finally be able to get daily hydro therapy. I can barely walk on my knees at the end of the day. !!!!!