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October 8, 2020

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A hot tub is the pinnacle of relaxation. But, it can also be viewed as a luxurious product. And when it comes to luxury, most of us assume high price tags. What if we told you, you can organize a romantic hot tub soak with your significant other for less than $400?

2 person inflatable hot tub

So what do we have here today? It's the Bestway SaluSpa Siena AirJet 2 person inflatable spa. This amazing inflatable hot tub is one of the few two-person blow up hot tubs on the market. It is not only affordable, but easy to install, operate, maintain, and offers all the comforts of a professional tub. So, let’s cut the chitchat and let’s see what SaluSpa has for you.

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Firstly, this spa is incredibly easy to set up. It can be inflated in a matter of minutes using the included air blower. The tub is super versatile with respect to where it can be installed. You can put it both indoors and outdoors. Wooden decks, grass, or concrete - you can place it virtually anywhere (within reason).

Saluspa Siena 2 person hot tub with cover

SaluSpa is built using a pretty impressive technique. You see, the tub is made of the three-layer Tri-tech material that offers awesome sturdiness and resistance to damage and punctures while being comfortable at the same time. In fact, the floor is also padded, so that it acts like a soft cushion so you don’t get sore from sitting.

SaluSpa can also withstand a lot of weight sitting on its sides. If you think you can’t sit on the side because the walls will fold, you are wrong. Thanks to the I-beam construction, the walls of this two-person hot tub stay upright.

However, the most impressive feature of this tub is the jets. SaluSpa has 120 air jets, strategically placed all around the perimeter to ensure you get an equivalent of a club spa massage. Combined with a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the SaluSpa Siena will provide you and your loved one the time of your life.

Of course, you will have to maintain the tub. Luckily, SaluSpa 2 person tub is incredibly easy to maintain, and you will receive everything you need to keep the water clean and tub usable at all times. The spa is fitted with a filter and you will receive two extra ones that are very easy to replace. On top of that, you will receive a chemical floater that will keep the pH levels in check. Lastly, you will get a tub cover so you can keep the leaves and insects from getting in the water.

Finally, we have to mention the control hub. Here you can control the jets, set the temperature and much more. The interface is very intuitive and sensitive and is very easy to read and use. You can also set the tub to start warming the water, or stop, automatically.

All in all, if you’re looking for a romantic evening with your significant other, and a splendid massage at that, this is the tub to get. Incredibly affordable, easy to set up, sturdy and sporting 120 excellent jets, the SaluSpa is an average Joe’s dream come true.

The Advantages of a Two-Person Inflatable Hot Tub

 Are you considering a hot tub but are worried about the cost or having enough space?

 Have you considered a 2 person inflatable hot tub? Have you seen these things? Read on for some great reasons to try a small two-person spa for you and your partner.


Inflatable hot tubs are smaller in size than an average above-ground or built-in tub, so you don’t need much room to set them up. Storing them is easy and convenient since they collapse until you’re ready to use them again. (You can, however, keep them inflated and use a cover to maintain water temperature and keep them clean if you choose.) They store easily, especially the 2-person version, which is the smallest size out there.


With a 2-person tub, it’s perfect for you and your partner, no one else need use it. How’s that for the comfort of privacy and cleanliness? Inflate the tub, have a romantic evening with just the two of you, then collapse the tub for the next time you’re in the hot tub mood. Store away from anything that may scratch or harm the exterior of the tub and it will last you a long time.


Since this 2-person tub is just for you and your mate, it will stay cleaner. You will have to do some maintenance on your inflatable, but since it’s smaller in size, maintenance is a breeze. It’s recommended that you drain the water once a week if leaving it set up. (You will need water test strips, pH and alkalinity balancing kit, mild soap and a sponge.) Wipe out the tub with mild soap after draining, keep the filter clean and the pH balanced and you’re good to go!


Putting in a traditional built-in hot tub can be very costly; an above-ground model, while less costly, can still be out of budget for many homeowners. Inflatable tubs cost less overall when compared to set-up (installation) and maintenance for the “traditional” type of tub. There are many models and sizes to choose from, and obviously, some are more expensive than others, but the choices can be much more budget conscious than the standard types.


Ready to move? Take your hot tub with you! How cool is it that you don’t have to be concerned about whether you will have a hot tub at your new residence? The portability of the inflatable hot tub can’t be beaten. You can also move it wherever you have space in your yard or on your patio, you can change locations every time you set it up. It will fit in smaller areas, so if you don’t have a yard, you still have options.


Managing the maintenance of a 2 person blow up hot tub is so much easier. Easier to drain, easier to fill, takes less water, uses fewer chemicals and electricity. All around the maintenance is cheaper than the traditional hot tub.


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