Our Favorite One Person Hot Tub

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October 8, 2020

Why waste space and electricity running a big hot tub when you can have an amazing hot tub just for you.

When it comes to one-person hot tubs, there are not as many to choose from. Our favorite one is a hot tub combined with a bathtub. If you are looking for something more affordable, then check out our two-person inflatable hot tub review.

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Here is our favorite 1-person hot tub:

One Person Jetted Whirlpool Bathtub

one person hot tub

This is an awesome piece of technology. A bathtub combined with a real hot tub with hydro jets. It even has an internal water heater!

So what does it offer?

  • It has a built-in water pump (750w) for water jets
  • 5 adjustable massage jets
  • 3 jets for your back
  • 11 bubble jets with pump (250w) which shoot air instead of water
  • LCD control panel with Bluetooth.
  • Remote control for awesome hot tub experience.

Ozone water cleaner is included in the faucet. LED underwater lights can get you into the right mood ?

Awesome design
Real water jets
Underwater LED lights
Integrated FM radio
Black color will not suit everyone's bathroom

What are the advantages of a one-person hot tub?

Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you had your own inflatable spa at home? How easier (and certainly more relaxing) your life would be?

relaxing in a hot tub

It is no secret that the majority of us wishes (especially during the cold months) that we had a cozy and enjoyable hot tub at our disposal. And it is not only a very pleasant experience but a healthy one too. According to this study, hydrotherapy has several positive effects on our health. However, this idea is often an abstract one because of the following reasons: hot tubs are generally too expensive, uneconomical, and excessively spacious for only one person.

That is no longer a problem, though. We are all well aware that new things are constantly being created, and that the things we already know are being improved…whether it is to make our lives easier or so they become more appealing to a wider range of people. Hot tubs are no exception.

one-person inflatable hot tub is certainly not the first thing that pops into our minds when we think of hot tubs, nor something most people know actually exists.

But it does, and it’s changing the conception we have regarding ordinary hot tubs “Costly, too big, too much water…”

First of all, unless we are alone, most of us don’t truly relax when we are soaking in a hot tub.  Sure, we may think we do, because after all, it is supposed to be a relaxing activity, right?

There’s a psychological explanation for why we are never completely loose, and it all comes down to our human nature.

Subconsciously, we are not our “true selves” when surrounded by people, we try to behave a certain way, to avoid any embarrassing situation. That’s in our nature, even if we believe we have absolute self-control, we always make use of our subconscious mind before doing something, especially during social situations.

So, this undeniable behavior leads to us being in a constant “alert mode”, which spoils our so supposedly relaxing hot tub experience.

That being said, we would be able to reach that pacific moment we all long for with a 1 person inflatable hot tub.

cat in a bed

Firstly, we don’t need to get out of our beloved comfort zone. Secondly, we will never have the “I’m trying to relax but there are two people next to me that won’t stop talking” kind of problem.

And thirdly, we are by ourselves, we can do whatever we please without being worried about what others would think. The best part? We can stay that way as long as we want because it’s our inflatable hot tub.

Another great benefit this type of hot tub holds is how economical and affordable it is. Since it’s not meant for a group of people, the amount of water (and chlorine) needed, will be considerably less and its maintenance will be easier.

Besides, what could possibly be more hygienic than a hot tub that is only meant for a single person? When soaking in a group hot tub you can’t force others to be as clean as you would like them to be. That’s something you do not have to worry about with the 1 person inflatable hot tub; you are in control, and how pure and clean the hot tub’s water is, is entirely up to you.

Another important yet common thing that has probably happened to most of us is having damaged our favorite swimsuits because of the hot tubs or pool’s chlorine. It happens, but it can definitely be avoided with this type of hot tub. Since you are the only one using it, and your main priority is to relax, why does it matter if you are wearing an old swimsuit, a t-shirt or nothing at all?

So, to sum up, the single person hot tub has many, many benefits that make it considerably better than an ordinary one. It’s not only cheap, small, and ideal for little spaces but perfect for anyone who just enjoys the idea of bathing in a hot tub without worrying about a single thing.

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  1. Surely, most people don't want the hot tub to be so hot that it is "blistering"...? Fortunately, hot tubs only go up to 104 degrees, so nobody will be getting blistered. You need to heat your hot tub with wood if you want it to get truly hot. A list of suggestions would be great!

  2. it would be nice to follow-up with a LIST of the best low-cost 1-2-man Jacuzzi tubs ...