Top Four Questions About A Hot Tub Warranty That You Should Ask Before Buying

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Peter Smith
peter smith
Peter is an inflatable hot tub enthusiast, reviewing and testing hot tubs since 2014.
June 8, 2020

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make when trying to purchase their hot tubs is to overlook the warranty that comes with the brand of the hot tub they intend to buy. In as much as the dollar discounts are necessary, there may be some fine details that may be hidden by the companies or brands when they try to sell you their brand of tubs.

4 questions about hot tub warranty

If you view a hot tub as an investment that will last a lifetime, then, you should pay close attention to the warranty that comes with its purchase.

As product buyers more savvy thanks to the power of the internet, the issue of warranty becomes all the more important for product creators and vendors, thus, the hot tub industry is not left out.

If I had to narrow it down to four, here are the top four questions about a hot tub warranty that you should ask before buying your tub:

  1. Does the warranty cover tub parts? If yes, for how long?

A reputable manufacturer must have its warranty to cover at least the following tub parts;

  • Shell
  • Cabinet
  • Plumbing
  • Equipment
  • Controls

If any or all of these tub parts are missing as part of the warranty, I highly advise that you ask and if you are told that they are not, then, it is better to move to the next manufacturer.

Aside from the fact that the warranty must cover these tub parts, the longer the warranty, the better it is. Do not be afraid to ask for a better deal yourself. A Tub parts warranty for 5 years is not unheard of.

  1. What’s the difference in the warranty offer between two companies? For example, company A and company B?

If the tubs from companies A and B have all things similar but differ in their warranty. Say A offers a warranty of 5 years, while B offers a warranty of 2 years. It is an obvious decision to buy from company A provided they have been known to stand by their warranty period. This means aside from comparing the warranty offered by two companies, you should search for a review of them on the internet to know whether or not they always stand by their warranty.

  1. warrantyIs the warranty specifically laid out or do I have to ask so many questions before I am told there is a guarantee?

In some situations, some less than reputable companies tend to hide their warranty copy. If you find yourself on the doorstep of such a company, move on to the next company. This is because even if you are given a copy of the warranty, there is a 90% chance that the company will not stand by this warranty. That is why they hid it in the first place.

  1. Is there any omission on the details of the warranty?

Every detail of the warranty should be clearly spelled out. Ask questions if there is any part of the warranty that is not clear to you. If you receive a satisfactory answer, then buy, if not there are more than enough hot tub manufacturers out there keep searching.

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