Top 10 Must-Have Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

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July 16, 2021
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Hot tub accessories are a must if you want to take your relaxation to the next level. There’s nothing worse than dipping your toes into a hot tub only to find that the water’s dirty, or not being able to use your hot tub at night because of the absence of light. To solve these problems, check out our top ten spa accessories, listed below!

Usually, they are quite cheap and durable. When used properly they can add to the overall atmosphere of the hot tub and make it feel much more premium. There’s a wide variety of them available online, so feel free to choose one (or a couple) that speak the most to you and add them to your tub for a great time.

Editor's picks:

LOFTEK Submersible LED Lights
Awesome and affordable
Loftek Submersible LED lights

This is a steal! Affordable remote-controlled underwater LED lights to create an amazing atmosphere in your hot tub.

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intex cup holder
Must have
Intex Cup Holder

Everyone wants to enjoy a drink in a hot tub from time to time, this cup holder will make it a breeze. Fits most inflatable hot tubs and even above ground pools!

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pHin Smart Water Care Monitor
Smart choice
pHin Smart Water Care Monitor

Monitoring and maintaining water quality made easy! Get notifications on your smartphone when you need to add some chemicals.

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Best hot tub accessories:

#1 LOFTEK submersible LED lights

loftek underwater LED lights

A must-have accessory for hot tubs without built-in lights - and super affordable!

Wish you could change the lighting sometimes with the click of a remote? Well, the LOFEK submersible LED lights are perfect for you. All you need to do is to put three AA batteries in, seal the lid tightly and attach the light to the walls of the pool using the suction cups. Then you can switch the lights from your fingertips to whatever color you feel like - there’s an impressive 16 shades you can choose from!

However, we found that these lights can be finicky and if not attached properly, the water may do a lot of damage. We also found that the suction cups might not work depending on the type of surface your pool has. Sometimes they may lose their power every few minutes. We suggest getting these only if you’re just going to use them for the occasional hot tub party. If you’re looking for a more durable option, you should probably invest a little more money.

Best features:

  • Remote control all the lights at once
  • Magnets and suction cups for mounting
  • 200 ft remote range outside water / 16 ft water + air
  • Multiple modes
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#2 Intex PureSpa Cup holder

intex purespa cup holder

Inflatable cup holders are great, but if you need something more stable and long-lasting, the Intex PureSpa Cup holder is your best bet. You must check whether your hot tub dimensions will suit this cup holder by entering the serial number on their website, which might seem like a hassle but we promise the results will be worth it.

This cup holder is removable, and it holds two standard size water bottles/ cans. In terms of looks, it’s not the flashiest cup holder out there, being beige and designed like any other normal cup holder, but it’s definitely the most practical and durable. There’s a small plate next to the water bottles so you can place your phone or book or food and it’ll make your hot tub experience so much more luxurious and fun.

Best features:

  • Fits most inflatable hot tubs
  • Easily removable
  • Fits typical above ground pools as well
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#3 pHin Smart Water Care Monitor

pHin smart water monitor

You really have to be careful if you’re adding chemicals to your water. Too much chlorine can make the water extremely dangerous and nasty smelling. So how do you know the exact amount of chemicals you need for your water? Turns out, it’s complicated. The amount of chemicals you must add to your water depends on where your water is from, if it’s treated, and a multitude of many other factors. To simplify things, this pHin Smart Water Care Monitor comes in handy. It has a user-friendly interface with a linked app so you can view whether your pool’s in good shape at any time.

The app automatically notifies you whenever your pool is in bad shape. It’ll tell you exactly how much of each chemical you need to add to your pool and also comes with a cool barcode-reading feature. 

Scan any bottle of chemicals using your back camera and the pHin app will automatically calculate how much you must add to your hot tub. Genius, right? It’s important to note that the app is only free for the first year after you purchase your pHin Smart Water Care Monitor. After the initial year, you’ll need to pay a hefty fee annually. We also found that the pHin Smart Water Care Monitor wasn’t accurate 100% of the time. Sometimes it would saturate the pool with chlorine and not do its job correctly. It’s important to use your common sense alongside the tool if you want a fail-proof device!

Best features:

  • Fits most inflatable hot tubs
  • Easily removable
  • Fits typical above ground pools as well
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#4 BluFree Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights

portable bluetooth speaker

If you want speakers and lights for an affordable price, this Bluetooth speaker with colorful lights is your best bet. Perfect for kids and adults alike, it’d be a great fit if you want some calming music during your relaxation session (or rock music - we won’t judge you!) This speaker comes with flashing lights too so everything will look much more animated and dramatic. We suggest getting this speaker with lights if you’re after a low-maintenance, low-cost device. It’ll create the perfect ambiance and mood and it removes the hassle of installing pool lights or pool speakers. 

Before buying this device on impulse, note that the sound range nor the Bluetooth range isn’t very impressive. We noticed that it might disconnect if your phone is too far from the speaker and that the sound might seem a little quiet, especially if it’s been turned over into the water. Despite its pitfalls, this speaker/light gadget would still be perfect for an evening party or even just for a family. With seven lighting modes with variations to set the mood, it’ll be worth every penny. 

Best features:

  • Combo of music and lights
  • Super affordable
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#5 Intex Maintenance Accessory Kit with Brush

intex maintenance kit

No one wants to go in a hot tub filled with debris and gunk. To clean up your hot tub and keep it in tip-top shape we recommend buying the Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory. This kit has three parts - a brush that can be used for scrubbing the slime off the sides of your tub, a durable mesh skimmer that will filter all the nasty stuff you don’t want in your tub from the water, and finally a scrubber pad that you can use to finish things off and make your hot tub germ-free.

We thought that everything was perfect apart from the net, as its holes are too large. Small debris (such as small insects and particles of dirt) can easily fall through, which renders the net almost useless. However, the brush and scrubber were definitely worth it. We recommend this maintenance accessory if you have an indoor pool that needs regular cleaning but doesn’t have a lot of debris.

Best features:

  • Includes mesh skimmer, curved brush, and scrubber pad
  • Great to keep your hot tub in top-notch condition
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#6 FEEBRIA Inflatable Floating Drink Holder

feebria drink holder

Having drinks in your hot tub can get messy. The cans can go all over the place and slip into the water at any time if you’re not careful. That’s why the FEEBRIA Inflatable Floating Drink Holder can come in handy. Not only does this handy little device hold your drinks, but it can hold two phones (or other rectangle-shaped objects) as well. Mind you, you’ll have to own a waterproof phone or have a waterproof seal over your phone if you’re going to have it in this inflatable drink holder, as water can splash in at any time and make your phone a brick in seconds if you’re not careful.

This drink holder comes in two colors; black and gray. We recommend silver as black has a propensity to take in all the sun’s rays. However, if you have an indoor hot tub you should do fine with both colors. When buying this accessory you will have to be conscious of the fact that any gigantic waves will turn this drink holder over and make a mess, so it’s recommended only if you don’t have any feisty children that like making waves or splashing each other in the hot tub. In the unlikely scenario that your drink holder malfunctions, you’ll also have a free return and your money back.

Best features:

  • Deep holes hold drinks steady
  • 4 slots for drinks and 2 small slots for random stuff
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#7 DiveBlast Premium Floating Drink Holder

diveblast drink holder

For a more “premium” hot tub experience this DiveBlast Premium Floating Drink Holder will impress for sure. It’ll make you want to stay in the hot tub forever, with nine holes that you can use to put various things in. There are three holes that you can use to put wine, beer, or just a soft drink in, and out of the three holes, one is an extra-large one that you can place ice in so your drink never gets hot.

There are also three holes that you can put your phone in, two of which are meant for vertical storage and one for horizontal phone storage so you can watch your Netflix and enjoy a drink at the same time. Finally, there are three more holes that you can use for food or any other sort of storage. Cheese and crackers, strawberries, or even a book; the only limit is your imagination.

Best features:

  • Premium design
  • Slots for smartphones, tablets, or books
  • Many useful slots for food and drinks
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#8 LOFTEK Floating Light Balls

loftek pool led balls

Are you in need of multi-purpose lights? Try these LOFTEK floating pool lights to illuminate wherever you want, be that a pool, on your bookshelves, or your living room. You can even give them to kids so they can play with the balls of light since they’re fully child-safe and toxin-free. They’re also waterproof and drop-proof, so you don’t need to worry about damaging them.

There are seven solid colors that you can choose from to suit the mood of your party, and there are also several modes that you can put your lights in so they can flash.

These little gems will last anywhere from 30 to 70 hours depending on whether you’re using new batteries, whether you’re using different light modes, and what colors you’re using. Plop them in your pool at night to give some extra dazzle and shine to your swimming pool.

Best features:

  • Color changing modes (fade or flash)
  • Fully waterproof
  • Multipurpose
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#9 EFX Premium Submersible LED lights

efx underwater led lights

With sixteen colors and four mode designs, the EFX premium submersible LED lights are sure to impress. You can place them anywhere, but you can surely place them in your pool and they’re fully waterproof. Just remember to turn them off at night (which you can do with the click of a button) since they’re powered by three AAA batteries each.

Place them anywhere in your hot tub and you’ll be able to change the atmosphere of your hot tub with a single button click, as long as you’re within 10 feet (if the lights aren’t underwater) and 3 feet (if the lights are underwater). We recommend these premium LED lights if you’re looking for a more quality look for your hot tub for occasional events such as parties or just to set the mood for a romantic date.

Best features:

  • 16 colors and 4 different modes
  • Remote control all at once
  • Easy battery change
  • Multipurpose
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#10 AquaReader Floating Book/Tablet Caddy

aquareader book holder

If you’re a bookworm (or a tablet addict), you’ll understand the struggles of trying to read or game in a hot tub. One slip and your favorite book is ruined, or your tablet is waterlogged. What if you didn’t have to worry about that anymore?

Read your books or take your tablet anywhere with this Aquareader Floating Caddy. Weighing only 1lb you don’t have to limit this ingenious accessory to your hot tub; you can also take it on trips to the pool or spa - or even your own bathtub. The Aquareader Floating Caddy also comes with a barrier to make sure your books or tablet don’t fall into the water.

Best features:

  • Metal retainers to keep the book secure
  • Ergonomic
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We hope this article assisted you in choosing a suitable hot tub accessory. Choose one (or a few) of the accessories on this list to elevate your hot tub experience for yourself, friends, or family. Whoever said money couldn’t buy happiness was wrong! Let us know your favorite hot tub accessory in the comments.

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