5 Essential Hot Tub Accessories

5 accessories you need for your hot tub

cup holderMuch as a soak in a hot tub provides therapeutic effects, it can also provide a form of relaxation. There are lots of tools to make your soak in a hot tub provide you with a health benefit as well as a relaxing experience.

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In this article, we will go through the must-haves to make you have a very relaxing experience in your hot tub. Aside from these basics, there are also luxurious accessories, but here are 5 must-have tub accessories:

  1. Hot Tub Cover

A cover is essential for the following two important reasons. it provides

  • Protection for the water when the tub is not being used via insulation
  • Preserves energy which in turn reduces energy costs

A tub cover is made of polyvinyl chloride. This means that it also requires regular cleaning. It is highly recommended that the cleaning is done on a monthly basis.

  1. Hot Tub Rails

A rail is important because it provides support for anyone coming out of the tub. This eliminates the chance of any form of an accident through slipping.

Some tubs come with a rail. If this is not the case, it can either be bought separately. In some instances, a rail is added to support the base under the tub.

If you are buying your rail, ensure that the height of the rail is the same as the height of the tub. Also, ensure that you buy a rail whose height is adjustable in case you need to make any adjustment to the height of the rail for any reason whatsoever.

  1. Hot Tub Steps

Since tubs are positioned at some height above the ground, a step is important so that you can easily climb to get into your tub. When buying your tub, it is important that you verify that the step is made up of a non-slippery material.

  1. pool stepsClean Hot Tub Filters

A clean filter…

  • Protects your tub from micro-organisms
  • Prevents debris from entering your tub
  • Consumes less power, saving you some energy cost in the process. This is so because, with a clean filter, the tub’s pump does not perform any extra work.

To ensure that the filter remains clean so that it can perform its job at an optimum level, you can easily perform the following steps;

  • Remove the filter
  • Allow the filter to dry up
  • Put the filter back in place

It is important that you have an extra filter so that as you allow one filter to dry up, you put in the other filter. This cleaning can be done a monthly basis.

Also, note that a filter’s lifetime period is usually one year. After this time, it is likely that it won’t perform to satisfaction. So you are highly advised that you replace your filter annually.

  1. Hot Tub Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are

  • Chemicals Such As Chlorine Or Bromine And
  • Chemical Test Strips

The Chemicals help you kill micro-organisms in your tub. The chemical strip helps you determine the right amount of chemical to apply in cleaning your tub.

In conclusion, in the addition to the 5 basic accessories, there are also luxury accessories such as a hot tub bar, tub pillow, and a foldable canopy. The choice is yours to either add these luxury items to your tub or not. However, with the basic accessories – Hot tub cover, Hot tub rails, Hot tub steps, Clean hot tub filters, Hot tub cleaning supplies – you are assured of a relaxing experience with your tub.

  1. Other goodies

What about a cup holder and refreshments tray? Everybody would love that!

4 Most Commonly Used Foundation Types For an Inflatable Spa

What is a good foundation under your hot tub?

So you are now prepared to install your portable hot tub. You understand the benefits of having a tub in the house, you have done your research and have found the right choice that you deem perfect for you.

Now you should abide by the following 3 rules of thumb:

  • Your tub must not be close to any power line. Never place your hot tub near an electric outlet
  • The foundation under the hot tub must be very strong
  • The foundation has to be level

Now these are the 3 most commonly used foundation types for a hot tub

1. Grass


The grass is definitely one of the most used surfaces under a blow-up hot tub. And why not? If not contaminated with broken glass or wooden sticks, it makes an awesome cushioning material.

However, the ordinary ground is not such a good insulator. Try to use a ground cloth or an air mat under the hot tub, both for heat insulation and puncture protection.

2. Concrete pad

concrete pad

This type of foundation is recommended whether or not your tub is an outdoor one or an indoor one. Your concrete pad must have the following characteristics;

  • It must be level. This is to avoid any kind of settling after you install your tub.
  • The thickness of your concrete pad must be within the specified limit allowed in the community where you live, provided there is any law that relates to the construction and installation of tubs in that community. If there are no such laws, the concrete pad must have a minimum thickness of 4 inches. This is to adequately support the weight of the tub, the weight of the water to be put in the tub and the weight of the persons that will be making use of the tub.
  • The size of the pad should be approximately equal to the size of the tub. This is to conquer any accessibility issue.

While the following two characteristics have nothing to do with the construction of the foundation, they are equally important…

  • You should have constructed your concrete and ensure that the concrete would have dried before the delivery of your tub. This is important because you can immediately install your tub and start making use of it right away.
  • If you find any or all of the construction characteristics stated above to be intimidating, you can call on any home improvement service provider in your neighborhood. If this service is not readily available, you can collaborate with your plumber and work it out together.

3. Crushed gravel or stone

crushed gravel

This type of foundation is recommended especially if your tub is to be situated outside.

This foundation must have the following characteristics;

  • It must have a minimum thickness of 4 inches
  • You must construct a frame around it to keep the foundation perfectly in place
  • it must have a proper channel for drainage so that your tub would be durable

The following recommendation has nothing to do with the foundation but it is also important;

  • Try to install low-level showers around the tub. This is to ensure that you can wash your feet before entering the tub which will prevent dirt in the tub.

4. Ready-made synthetic tub pads

hot tub pads

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These are recommended for either outdoor or indoor tubs. They have the following advantages over the other types of foundations;

  • There is no need to pour concrete or work out any other thing like that.
  • They are lightweight and less expensive
  • They are quick and easy to set up
  • They require little to no maintenance

Their pieces interlock. This means that…

  • You can easily dismantle the pad if the need arises. For example, in case you want to move out of your present location to another one.

Detecting a Leak in an Inflatable Hot Tub

How to detect a leak in an inflatable hot tub

There is nothing worse than an inflatable hot tub that is leaking. 

majority of leaks are air leaks

Now, the majority of leaks are air leaks and are quite minor, to begin with. They will not cause you too many issues. Eventually though, if not treated correctly, they can develop into a rather big problem which will be nigh on impossible to repair properly.

Basically, if you believe your hot tub is leaking then you are going to need to go searching for that leak as soon as you can, and of course, deal with it as soon as you can.

Sadly, not everything is infallible. From time to time you may find that the air starts to escape that inflatable hot tub incredibly quickly, or even quite slowly.

If you find that the air is leaving the hot tub faster than it normally does then you need to go hunting for that leak.

torn hot tub

Now, many people seem to be of the impression that they need all sorts of specialist equipment to find a leak in their hot tub. You don’t. In fact, all you need is a small amount of water, some sort of liquid soap, and a spray bottle.

Now, many people seem to be of the impression that they need all sorts of specialist equipment to find a leak in their hot tubMix up your water and a couple of squirts of the soap in your spray bottle. Make sure the soap is well-dissolved in the water otherwise it will not be effective.

Now, with your spray bottle, you are going to want to spray around that blow up hot tub. You will want to aim for the locations where you believe a leak may be occurring.

spray the hot tub

If the soap starts to bubble up on the surface then there is air being forced into it. This means you have a leak. To look for locations to ‘spray’ you will want to search for small black marks on the surface of the hot tub. Not all of these marks will be leaks though. In fact, very few of them are.

However, you are going to look for these inconsistencies in order to deal with any damage to the surface of the hot tub.

I suggest that you look for leaks in your hot tub every time you inflate it. This is because, as I said, the earlier the damage is spotted in the tub the easier it is going to be to deal with. If you leave it too long then you will find that it is nigh on impossible to deal with the problem.

Most small leaks can be patched up quite quickly using the right tools. They will not destroy the aesthetic appearance of your unit in the slightest. A small leak is prone to getting bigger; particularly if there is a lot of weight being placed into the hot tub at once.

How To Determine The Cause of Leaks In Inflatable Hot Tubs

If I had to narrow it down to 4 reasons why inflatable hot tubs develop leaks, they would be

  • Age
  • Frequency of usage
  • Improper management
  • Pinch of the outer part of the tub via a sharp object

Just like humans, we cannot be as active as our younger years compared with our old age, thus, a hot tub also declines in performance with age. Also, if there is an increase in the frequency of usage, the tub will most likely feel the effect the most.

Maintenance is very important when it comes to having a properly functioning hot tub. Thus, if the tub lacks maintenance, there is a high probability of leaks occurring.

If a sharp object should pinch the outer part of an inflatable hot tub, leaks will occur. A leak can either be large or small depending on the cause of the leak.

Common Hot Tub Parts Where Leaks Occur

2 most common places where leaks occur in an inflatable hot tub are;

  • Pump sealing and
  • The heating assembly

Leaks occur in the pump sealing with usage and age of the tub. If you discover that the pump sealing is where the leaks occur, then, it is either the pump sealing is repaired or replaced.

The option of the replacement or repair depends on what the professional recommends. My point is call in a professional if the cause of the leak is the pump sealing.

Similarly, leaks occur in the heating assembly with usage and age of the tub.

2 of the most common places where leaks occur in the heating assembly will be;

  • The valves and
  • The union fittings

As with the pump sealing, call in the service of a professional if you find out that the valves are the cause of the leaks. This professional will also advise you on whether you should repair or change the valves.

As regards the union fittings, most likely the fittings might just have become loose, so all you have to do is tighten the fittings back with your hands. It is not advisable to use a wrench for this, this is because using a wrench can cause damage to the heater.

How To Be Sure That There Is A Leak

There are 2 methods to accomplish this without involving the help of any professional;

Method 1

This involves 3 steps. They are;

  • Fill the tub with water and mark the level of the water
  • Do not use the tub for at least one hour, then; check your marker to see if there is a drop or not.
  • The level of the drop corresponds to how high or low the level of a leak is

Method 2

To use this method, you will the following 5 materials;

Water, Vinyl Pool Patch, Spray Bottles, Soap and Paper Towel

Once you have these materials, here are the steps you should follow;

  • Fill the spray bottle with water and soap, then, shake vigorously. This is important in order to have a very good mix.
  • Spray the suspected area with the mixture you have created. This is to see if there will be an appearance of any bubble. If there is a bubble, it implies that the leak is confirmed.
  • Mark this area where the leak is
  • Allow air to completely get out of that portion of the tub where there is the leak.
  • Apply a patch to the affected area
  • Use the paper towel to dry the area. This is to ensure that the patch fixes properly

How To Use The Patch

Each manufacturer has specific instructions on how to use their brand of patch. However, 4 of the most the common instructions are;

  • Add adhesive to the back of the patch and stick the patch to the affected area.
  • Leave the patch for at least 2 to 3 hours before adding water
  • Add water
  • Lastly, spray the area again to observe if there is going to be a bubble or not. if there are no bubbles, then, the leak has been properly fixed. If otherwise, then you either repeat the process or call for professional help.

Interesting history of hot tubs

Interesting History of Hot Tubs

Swim Spa DeluxeA hot tub is a container that is filled with hot water to stimulate the feeling of pleasure and relaxation. They are commonly known as Jacuzzi and are intended to be used by multiple people at a time.

The feeling of pleasure comes from the hot water soothing the muscles. This, accompanied with optional water jets or air bubble jets, can be compared to having a warm massage.

The water jets are a feature that is only found in modern hot tubs. In fact, modern inflatable hot tubs are very different than the earliest models of spas.

Here is a short look back at the history of hot tubs and spas:

before antiquity

It was believed that hot tubs were first used by man even before antiquity. During this period, it is believed that man used calderas that were filled with hot stones as their version of a hot tub.

Aside from calderas, a man was also able to use small pools of water as hot tubs.

ancient egypt

The first written account of a man using a hot tub was about 4,000 years ago during the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Archaeological evidence shows that man used hot water baths for therapeutic purposes during this time period.

A popular example was during 600 B.C. when King Phraortes of Persia demanded that a hot tub is built from solid granite.


The written record of famous Greek philosophers such as Plato and Hippocrates indicated that the Greek people understood the therapeutic value of warm water.

Their version consisted of a hot spring around which elaborate structures were built. During this time, bathing was open to the public. In fact, public activities were oftentimes done around public baths.


The Romans were the first people to actually build artificial hot tubs. Their version of a hot tub was very large and could easily accommodate 100 people at a time. Romans sought hot wells and would dig around them to create a small pool of water.

Check out this documentary on ancient Roman spas:

Eventually, the pool would become large enough and establishments were built around these pools. The Romans were also the first people to actively use hot water baths every day. Romans would first do their routine workout and then relax afterward in hot baths.


The Asian people are known for using items that can be found in nature. It is only fitting that they also use natural hot springs as their hot tubs. In Japan, a hot tub consisted of a wooden box that was filled with hot water.

The box can only accommodate one person and was usually used for private purposes. Public baths are oftentimes found inside inns and are essentially hot springs.


Native Americans have enjoyed hot springs ever since the 1700s. It was only in 1958 when home spas would begin to surface. The home hot tubs were essentially large barrels that were filled with hot water. The use of these hot tubs continued on until 1970 when fiberglass and acrylic were used for spas.

From then on, a number of attachments have been added to hot tubs including water jets and filtration systems. The newest invention is inflatable hot tubs, which are both sturdy, lightweight and affordable.

Few interesting questions:

Where was the hot tub invented?

Despite Roy Jacuzzi being born in Italy, he invented modern hot tub with fully integrated jets, plumbing, filtration and heating in 1968 in California where he emigrated.