How Portable is a Blowup spa?

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Just what is an inflatable spa? It might sound too good to be true but it’s actually exactly that — a hot tub that is inflated with air. And to add more, it is also portable. So, how does it work? And just how portable is it?

Here it goes:

An inflatable hot tub is made of flexible and extremely durable material. So you can actually bring it anywhere outdoors. The material of inflatable hot tubs is tough enough to hold a large amount of moving water and a number of individuals inside it.

Generally, blow up spas are smaller than built-in hot tubs. This is to make it easier to transfer and carry from one place to another. The size is one of the differences between a portable and built-in hot tub.

In addition to that, inflatable hot tubs need ample air to make it erect and stable. Inflatable hot tubs are designed with water inlets and massage jets where the water would pass through. Just like the built-in hot tub that is permanently connected to the water source and heater, the portable hot tub has it’s own heater and pump to maintain the right temperature.

inflatable ring

How portable is the inflatable hot tub?

Well, you can bring it to many places but you probably shouldn’t bring it somewhere without an accessible water supply. Unless you are willing to bring tons of water to fill it up.

You should also consider the ground where you will be placing the blow-up spa. The ground must be stable enough to support the weight of the tub, water, and people who will soak in it.

You should also make sure that there is an available power source if you are going to use an electric air and water pump. If there is none, you should bring a portable power source, as well.

The inflatable hot tub also comes with a water testing kit for water safety. It is to make sure that the water which you will be using is not harmful to the people who will bathe in it, and for the material of the tub. If it does not include a testing kit, you can purchase a water testing kit to ensure water safety.

So how portable are they?

An inflatable tub is the most portable of all hot tubs because you can deflate it after use. You can also carry it anywhere because it usually comes with its own box or bag. It is compact, so you can also store it easily.

You can also install it in your home for long-term or permanent use if you like. But you can still bring it anywhere when you feel the need to travel or go camping.

Moreover, an inflatable hot tub lets you experience bathing in a hot tub without much expense. It is much cheaper than having an in-ground tub installed in your yard. And the best thing about it is that you can bring it anywhere you want to and share it with your friends.

Check out these 6 important tips before you buy your hot tub.

Amazing Outdoor Gear: Portable Hot Tub Hammock

Portable Hot Tub Hammock featured image

You may have heard about jacuzzis. But are you familiar with the hot tub hammock? It is another useful gear that adds more fun to your camping and outdoor getaway.

In simple words, a hot tub hammock is a hammock which you can also use as a hot tub. Yes, you heard it right. It is a hot tub, water bed, swimming pool and hammock in one.

hammock hot tub hydro

If you are dreaming of relaxing in a hammock while dipping in a hot tub on a nice Sunday afternoon, this can probably make your dream come true. The portable hot tub hammock can make dipping on a hot tub to the next level.

A portable hot tub hammock is pretty versatile. You can use it as a hammock, a hot tub, a swimming pool, a water bed, and also a hot tub liner. You can fill it up with water using a heater and a hose. You can also fill it up with water from a lake or river if you are using it outdoors.

You can hang it between two trees or on sturdy metal railings. If you are going to the beach, you can also dig up a couple inches of sand and use it as an instant hot water bed. You can form it into your desired shape.

To make it more exciting, you can use the portable hot tub hammock for your bubble bath. You can also put some essential oils into the water to make the hammock experience even more relaxing.

A portable hot tub hammock can be used anywhere. It can be used in your backyard, in the forest and even in snowy places. It usually comes with a heater, water pump and hose to make it more convenient to use.

How much is a hot tub hammock?

The cheapest single layer hammock (without a heater) costs around 450$. A bundle of a heater and a hammock can be bought for about 1850$. Get ready to pay another 350$ for a hydro hammock stand.

Portable hot tub hammock can hold up to 50 gallons of water and two full-grown individuals. It is made from a durable and lightweight material that can withstand harsh weather and endure the weight of water. The material used in making hot tub hammock is high tensile strength fabric, which is slip resistant and very strong.

Hot tub hammocks are available in single and double layer types. The single layer is very lightweight and easy to store. While the double layer type has an extra space for putting in more water or insulation pads.

The heating systems of portable hot tub hammocks are usually powered by liquefied petroleum gas or electricity. Other manufacturers are developing solar-powered heating systems for hot tub hammocks, which shall be available in the future.

As for the price, hot tub hammock can be quite expensive. It costs around $500-700 depending on the model, not including the heater. The heating system is around $2000.The good news about this amazing outdoor gear is that you can bring it with your checked in baggage.

There can be more ingenious ways to experience being in a hot tub hammock. You can either buy just the hammock and manually fill it up using your own heated water at home. You just need to use a little creativity to make outdoor relaxation even more exciting.

Taking You Outdoors with Coleman

Taking you outdoors with coleman

Do you like going outdoors? Do you like taking your family on trips where you can all enjoy nature without the discomfort? Then Coleman is all you need.

boots with a rucksack

Coleman Company is based in America which specializes in recreational products for the outdoors. It is a huge company headquartered in Wichita. They also have some facilities in Texas. Currently owned by Newell Brands, Coleman has approximately 3,600 employees who are mostly not in manufacturing positions. At present, most of their manufacturing is in China.

Coleman’s production is focused on a variety of equipment used for camping and recreation. Their products range from tents to travel trailers to hot tubs. Each created to make outdoor activities fun and more exciting. Taking care of every detail in recreational activities, they have come up with a variety of products that you can take with you outside, and at any time.

It all started in 1901 when a young man had an idea of manufacturing lanterns in Kansas. More than a hundred years later that idea led to the company they have now which manufactures more than just lanterns.

Coleman has been committed to globally encouraging people explore the outdoors. With innovative products they have, one can enjoy the outdoors alone, with friends or even with family. The trust it earned during more than one hundred years has become its inspiration to develop more quality products over the years.

snowy dusk

One product they have is their inflatable spa – also known as Coleman Hot tub, it can accommodate up to 4 people at one time. What’s so great about it? It’s inflatable so you can basically take it anywhere. All you have to do is inflate it, fill it with water and you’re good to go. It has a system that heats water. So you can relax while also being surrounded by bubble jets. It’s soothing and relaxing so it’s perfect for a day outdoors.

With a digitally controlled panel, it’s easy to operate. Its heating system has also an automatic start/stop timer. For quality, the inflated walls are made of high-quality materials that can ensure comfort yet is still durable. With easy and fast set-up using its pump, it wouldn’t take long to actually enjoy the comfort it can give.

The Coleman Lay Z Spa is one of the hottest products on the market. Coleman, with its great reputation with regard to their products as well as their customer service, coupled with the quality of construction and affordability of this product, has made it one of the most in-demand products.

It measures around 6 feet and 4 inches across. It holds up to 254 gallons of water in its 28-inch depth. What makes it durable is that it is made of two layers of PVC. This has also been reinforced with another layer of polyester mesh inserted in between. Since people actually like leaning on the tub, the vertical beam adds support.

The vertical vinyl panels easily support people leaning against the wall. Its exterior is in bright green which is made of synthetic leather. Unfilled, it weighs only as much as 86 pounds. That makes it easy to carry almost anywhere.

In addition to being able to sit up to 6 adults, they can do so comfortably. The ground mat is cushioned for added comfort. The ground cloth also protects the tub from debris and dirt outdoors. Its extra layer of cushion also adds comfort.

It can produce bubbles due to its air blower. It has 120 bubble jets. It’s also the same air blower that can be used to inflate the tub. They even have a pressure gauge to ensure you inflate the tub at just the right amount of air pressure. Therefore, preventing it from too much air inflation.

Since you will be taking the tub outdoors, it also comes with a fitted top cover. That way, you can keep dirt and animals from getting into your tub at night. If you have the water already heated, its cover also has a foil lining. This helps keep the tub to better retain the heat. There are clips around the tub to secure the cover so you wouldn’t have to worry that it might get blown off when you leave it.

Additional features of the product include a chemical floater, one filter cartridge, a patch kit and of course an instructional DVD to help owners with the maintenance and also the set-up of the product.

It’s inexpensive, comfortable and durable. Overall, it’s one great product that you can use both at home and outdoors.

Intex Inflatables Bring Nothing Less than Fun

Intex Inflatables are fun

Memories of those good old days when summer was hot and wild always bring to mind long stretches of beach shore, tan lines, and a variety of floats and pool toys. This was the original vision when The Wet Set Company was founded way back in January 1966. Their first inflatable product was the beach ball. Although beach fun gear was clearly their focus back then, they have since ventured into other developments which prompted them to rebrand into Intex Recreation Corp. Forty years later, the Intex Corp. is now part of a worldwide family of companies that distribute airbeds, above the ground pools, and portable spas.

Intex is a manufacturer of the famous Intex Hot Tub.


Based in Long Beach, California, Intex Recreation Corp is now one of the more widely known go-to brands for pool and spa accessories, sporting goods such as lounges and islands, boats and other inflatable toys. Customers who have left great reviews about the company like the fact that they are basically a one-stop-shop for these inflatables and accessories. Common feedback includes the ease of buying related parts and accessories as they also distribute replacement parts.

intex inflatable toy

Current vision for intex

Their current vision matches the fast-paced lifestyle of families today. They are one of the most recognizable, trusted, and innovative brands in their industry. This innovation is best seen in one of their newest core products – the PureSpa Inflatable Bubble Massage. When it comes to this inflatable hot tub price, it is extremely competitive in the market. It is portable, which makes relaxation achievable with only a click of a button.

While surely it isn’t the first company to roll out portable inflatable spas, it stands out from the leading competitors with its unique water filtration system that flushes out only soft water, leaving calcium and other hard minerals inside the filter.

The result is having soft water that is gentler on the skin and on swimwear. Customers feel more relaxed using this inflatable pool as opposed to traditional hot tubs.

It only takes a simple maintenance procedure to take care of the residue build-up in the filter systems. Intex Corp ensures that customers will have to replace only their filter cartridges. This is unlike traditional filters that require a new replacement. You pay less and save more with the cartridges for this inflatable pool.

When did it all begin?

In 1997, Intex Corp. made the plunge with their first above the ground swimming pool. It was a massive success, as families could then basically take a vacation in their own backyard. They made set-up a breeze that it only took a few minutes for the ultimate water fun to begin. Since then, they have remained on top of every customer’s choice for inflatable pools.

With its wealth of accessories and features, Intex Corp. also provides an innovative sleeping experience with their airbeds. And in order to provide the ultimate rest, Intex has long since engineered tests that combine features like interconnected pocket systems, lavish foam, pillow rests, and plush flocking. Their use of FiberTech technology also guarantees structural stability and support, whether one is purchasing a camping airbed for the outdoors, or for a luxurious indoor sleeping experience.

Other products

Intex Recreation Corp. also distributes all kinds of play centers – from bouncers and playhouses, and even air furniture which includes chairs, sofas, tables, kids beds and pillows, air pumps and manual and electric pumps as well. All of their products make use of lightweight but durable fibers that are puncture resistant and stable. The company, through its partnership with retail stores and online platforms such as Amazon, are able to place their foot on the market and sell their products. Since making a very big splash with their pool products back in the day, Intex Corp. now distributes to over 100 countries worldwide.

Corporate social responsibility for Intex Corp. comes in the form of reducing their carbon footprint. For over 10 years, they have partnered with their trusted suppliers in doing so. They help set these standards along with their partners from the American Red Cross, the World Waterpark Association, and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission among others. In an effort to think green, Intex Corp.’s supplier has received an award for their PVC recycling program this past year, marking their serious commitment to their cause.


From a single beach ball, ground swimming pools, to inflatable beds and portable spas, Intex Recreation Corp. remains at the top of its game in their industry. They continue to provide outstanding merchandise and impeccable customer service.

Summer not only brings to mind the beach but the whole experience as well. Intex Corp. has consistently made sure that families all over the world have fun during their vacations.

Their biggest rival when it comes to hot tubs and inflatable products is the Coleman company.

What is the average price of a hot tub?

what is the average price of a hot tub

To sum it up: A built in concrete hot tub usually costs more than 10,000$, an acrylic one between 5,000$ and 10,000$. Then portable hot tub around 2,000$ and last but not least, inflatable hot tub for around 400$.

inflatable hot tubs

If you are on a budget, then consider buying an inflatable spa. For the price (usually around 400$) you actually get quite a lot.

Most of them are made of triple layer PVC and are really sturdy. Not like your ordinary inflatable pool toys. Most of the inflatable hot tubs have the downside of not having real hydro jets and instead have bubble jets which shoot air. (But there are exceptions: this one has real hydro jets).

portable PVC

Another kind is a portable but non-inflatable hot tub. They range from smaller and lighter ones similar to blow up hot tubs, but instead of inflatable walls, they have a fixed construction. The cheaper ones also have just bubble jets, but there are more expensive with hydro jets available.

portable acrylic

In the range of few thousands of dollars and higher, there are still portable (or rather, not built-in in a permanent manner) hot tubs available. They are made of acrylic, and mostly have real hydro jets which shoot out water.

permanent built-in hot tub

And the last and most expensive category are concrete hot tubs, usually tailored exactly to your needs and often built together with an in-ground pool. The can cost way above 10,000$ and are permanent structures.

Why do people prefer inflatable tubs (Jacuzzi)?

What's so great about inflatable hot tubs

Blow up hot tubs are commonly known as Jacuzzi. Why such a strange name?

In 1915 seven brothers founded a company in Italy and called it Jacuzzi and Brothers, after the war, they started making laminated whirlpools and became one of the world’s most famous brand regarding hot tubs. The name Jacuzzi is now commonly used as a synonym for the word: “hot tub”.

So inflatable spas don’t really have much to do with their vinyl sibling in terms of build material, but they are up to the job in all the other areas!


Many people are not that enthusiastic when it comes to having a conventional built-in hot tub installed in their homes.

The main reasons include the fact that it is expensive, difficult to set up and does not lend itself to easy transport. Many prefer an inflatable hot tub instead.

It is cheap, lightweight and does not require too much space. Most blow up hot tubs in the market are also made of a high-quality durable material, promising long years of fun.

So why do they prefer them?

A built-in hot tub is really heavy – and it is built-in. You cannot carry it around. It is more or less a permanent fixture in your home. If you want to move it, you will have to spend several days just disassembling it. You will have to hire an electrician and plumber to help you with the more technical aspects involved in installing or disassembling a traditional hot tub.

A blow-up spa, on the other hand, simply needs to be deflated and packed if you want to move it to another area. Setting it up only requires you to inflate it and set it up on level ground.

You do not have to be an expert to set up a blow up hot tub. You simply have to refer to the manual for instructions. Some individuals even just wing it – the process is easy, intuitive, and fast. Setting up an blow up hot tub is decidedly a do-it-yourself project. You do not need a plumber or an electrician to set it up.

When it comes to price, there is no competition. You definitely need much less money for an inflatable hot tub than you would for a conventional hot tub. The price difference is enormous. The former costs about a tenth of the price of the former. Moreover, you also save on the set-up expenses as you do not need to hire a plumber and electrician. You are not also required to spend on building a firm foundation. All you need for an inflatable hot tub is to find a level ground where you can set it up.

  • Requires Less Space

You can choose to set it up only when you have a use for it. You can set it up for summer and deflate and store it during the chilly winter months. Even if you opt to keep it in its place, it still requires much less space than the typical huge traditional hot tub.

  • Durable

Research and modern technology have resulted in great advancements in the design and manufacture of inflatable hot tubs. You can find a lot of high quality durable inflatable spas on the market today.

Inflatable hot tubs, by their nature, are expected to last through a number of years in spite of repeated inflation, filling and draining, deflation, transport, and storage. You simply have to be careful about keeping sharp objects away and you can enjoy the use of your hot tub for a long time.

What is it made of?

An inflatable hot tub is made of several layers of thick, strong and solid vinyl rubber. The rubber becomes inflexible when completely inflated; thus, providing genuine and reliable protection. The materials used in the manufacture of inflatable hot tubs are tough, sturdy and long-lasting. You can expect it to withstand rowdy water play, jabs, appalling weather, and the accumulation of debris.

When the fiberglass of a conventional hot tub cracks, you should be ready to pay a big amount of money for its repair. On the other hand, if a sharp object results in piecing a hole in your inflatable tub, you simply need to get hold of a patch kit and do the repair yourself without any fuss.

An inflatable hot tub is ideal for a smaller group of people. You do not need expensive chemicals to ensure that the water remains clean. You just need to change the water every week to prevent the growth of contaminants like algae or bacteria. You also need to use a water softener.

How to drain it?

After draining your hot tub, use a soft non-abrasive washcloth and warm soapy water to clean it, then rinse it thoroughly.

When not in use, make sure to use its cover so that debris like grass, small twigs, or leaves do not settle onto the water.

Your hot tub has a filter to strain out small particles of debris. Make sure to have a couple of filters on hand so you have an extra one to use when you clean the other. Clean the filter weekly, especially if you use the tub often. Discard and replace used filters after every six months or so.

photo credit: d_vdm Review Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Miami jacuzzi terras tuin via photopin (license)


6 Essential Tips To Consider Before Buying Your Hot Tub

6 important tips you need to know

1. Decide which one do you want

Do you want to use your portable hot tub indoors or outdoors? Your answer to this question will determine the size of the hot tub you should purchase. The spa size will, of course, depend mostly on the available space you have. Do you want an inexpensive inflatable spa or would you rather buy a portable but non-inflatable spa which is more expensive?

2. Conditions of placement

After determining the size of the tub, the next thing is to think deeper about the area . The area you decided on in step 1 must fulfill the following conditions:

  • You must be able to  effectively, this usually isn’t a problem unless you want to put your spa somewhere below terrain level.
  • Shouldn’t require any additional plumbing. This is to reduce cost. And that’s good, isn’t it?
  • If the position where you intend to place the tub requires stairway passage, you have to consider the dimensions of the stairs before buying the hot tub. Consider how you are going to be able to pass the tub on the stairs to your desired position
  • Tubs will create a humid and moist environment, so is the area where you want to place the tub able to handle it without problems, for example – mold?
  • Must have strong flooring. While inflatable and portable hot tubs are relatively lightweight, the water is very heavy – in thousands of pounds. Thus, the floor where they will be placed must be strong. To determine how strong your floor is, you have to call the professionals to help you out.

3. Heat adjustment

Any hot tub you intend to buy must have a means whereby you can adjust the heat of the tub. This adjustment knob can either be a manual one or an automatic one. So which one do you prefer?

4. Power supply

Be sure that your power outlet is capable of delivering needed amperage/watts. Think about lighting your hot tub. Some come with an inbuilt mood light, but most do not. There are times when you just want to soak yourself in the tub and also get a few minutes of reading done. These fancy lights come in handy especially if you want to have a soak in the night. Apart from making use of the light for reading, you may buy a colored led lights for creating pleasant ambient atmosphere lighting.

5. Availability of spare parts

You definitely want a tub whose parts are readily available in the market. It would not be good if you have to throw away your whole hot tub in a case when heater breaks down. Just be sure to buy a hot tub from a well-known brand.

6. Warranty

As with all products, the tub you intend to buy must also come with a warranty. A warranty of 6 months to one year is not out of this world. Also, keep an eye on the reviews for the particular manufacturer to know whether or not they keep their warranties – if they do not, simply look for another manufacturer. A warranty assures you that if anything goes wrong within the stipulated period, you are assured that it is going to get fixed.

How Hot Should My Blow up Spa Be?

What is the ideal temperature for a hot tub?

While there are many brands of spas, all of them have one thing in common and that thing is warm water. One of the biggest reasons why warm water is the preferred choice is that warm water has therapeutic effects and these therapeutic effects add to the benefits of owning a hot tub.

Even though the definition of warm water is relative this guide provides answers to 7 of the most common questions being asked regarding how hot a tub should be or not.

  1. What is The Best Temperature Range?

It is best to test the temperature range suitable for your household, then, keep to that temperature range. You should do this if you are a regular user of hot tubs. If not, then, just stick to the recommended temperature range – 1020F to 1040F. For example, if you move out of town a lot, then, you only need to stick with the recommended temperature range – 1020F to 1040F. One of the biggest drawbacks of constant increase and decrease of temperature is that it causes wear and tear on the heater and circuit board which leads to increase in costs.

Also, the physicians recommended a maximum of 104 Fahrenheit due to health reasons. The temperature is controlled by a control knob or a digital touch panel in most modern inflatable hot tubs.


  1. I Am Pregnant, Should I Make Use of The Tub?

The answer is no. it is highly advisable that you consult your physician because the hot temperature is dangerous for the fetus. Check out our article on pregnancy and hot tubs.


  1. My Eldest Child is 6 Years and I also have younger Ones, Should I Allow Them Inside the Tub?

Yes, but set the temperature to 950F or less. This is because children adapt less to high temperature compared with adults. Still for the same reason, only allow your children to spend a maximum of 15 minutes inside the tub and NEVER leave them alone.

  1. I Have A Heart Condition and I Am Slightly Hypertensive, Should I Make Use of The Tub?

I will advise that you consult with your physician first. if he answers yes, set the temperature to a maximum of 1040F. This is because the increase in temperature causes increase in blood pressure which can lead to stroke, heart attack or even death.

  1. I Eat Out And Drink A Lot Of Alcohol, Should I Make Use Of The Tub?

The answer is no. this is because of junk food and alcohol drinking increasing blood pressure. Increase in temperature causes an increase in blood pressure which leads to similar causes like that of someone with a heart condition – stroke, heart attack or even death.

  1. What Temperature Do You Recommend When I and My Friends Want To Tub?

No temperature range or limit is recommended. The number of persons in the tub will determine the temperature at which your tub should be.

Top Four Questions About A Hot Tub Warranty That You Should Ask Before Buying

4 questions about hot tub warranty

hot tub warrantyOne of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make when trying to purchase their hot tubs is to overlook the warranty that comes with the brand of hot tub they intend to buy. In as much as the dollar discounts are necessary, there may be some fine details that may be hidden by the companies or brands when they try to sell you their brand of tubs.

If you view a hot tub as an investment that will last a lifetime, then, you should pay close attention to the warranty that comes with its purchase.

As product buyers more savvy thanks to the power of the internet, the issue of warranty becomes all the more important for product creators and vendors, thus, the hot tub industry is not left out.

If I had to narrow it down to four, here are the top four questions about a hot tub warranty that you should ask before buying your tub:

  1. Does the warranty cover tub parts? If yes, for how long?

A reputable manufacturer must have its warranty to cover at least the following tub parts;

  • Shell
  • Cabinet
  • Plumbing
  • Equipment
  • Controls

If any or all of these tub parts are missing as part of the warranty, I highly advise that you ask and if you are told that they are not, then, it is better to move to the next manufacturer.

Aside from the fact that the warranty must cover these tub parts, the longer the warranty, the better it is. Do not be afraid to ask for a better deal yourself. A Tub parts warranty for 5 years is not unheard of.

  1. What’s the difference in the warranty offer between two companies? For example, company A and company B?

If the tubs from companies A and B have all things similar but differ in their warranty. Say A offers a warranty of 5 years, while B offers a warranty of 2 years. It is an obvious decision to buy from company A provided they have been known to stand by their warranty period. This means aside from comparing the warranty offered by two companies, you should search for a review of them on the internet to know whether or not they always stand by their warranty.

  1. warrantyIs the warranty specifically laid out or do I have to ask so many questions before I am told there is a guarantee?

In some situations, some less than reputable companies tend to hide their warranty copy. If you find yourself on the doorstep of such a company, move on to the next company. This is because even if you are given a copy of the warranty, there is a 90% chance that the company will not stand by this warranty. That is why they hid it in the first place.

  1. Is there any omission on the details of the warranty?

Every detail of the warranty should be clearly spelled out. Ask questions if there is any part of the warranty that is not clear to you. If you receive a satisfactory answer, then buy, if not there are more than enough hot tub manufacturers out there keep searching.