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June 21, 2022
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Swim spa is perfect for all lovers of swimming! You can now have a small swimming pool in your garden or even in your house! Which swim spas are the best and how do they work?

The water pump creates strong water flow which you can swim against infinitely! Genius!

Swim Spa and a Hot Tub in One

The usefulness of the hot tub (Check out our buying guide) in cleaning as well as relaxing the body cannot be stressed more clearly in the modern setting. Life is going through such a fast pace that people have almost no time for rest and relaxation. The hot tub is one of the most convenient ways to relax that any person can find. Companies have decided to enhance this relaxation factor by adding awesome features to the hot tub.

This resulted in different types of hot tubs. One of these types is known as the swim spa. This article will talk about the swim spa, its types, and its differences from the conventional hot tub.

Water flow in a swim spa


Swim spas are essentially hot tubs that have integrated water jets. The jets are used to shoot water towards the center of the tub which the user can then use to simulate the motion of swimming.

Aside from this usage, the swim spa can also be used similarly to how a Jacuzzi is used. The water jets provide a relaxing experience that can be shared with friends.

Usually, the smallest swim spas measure 12 feet in length with a maximum capacity of 5 adults or 1 swimmer. Swim spas also come in different types and are categorized based on their swim current.

The main feature of a swim spa is a powerful water jet

Differences between spas for swimming and ordinary hot tubs

The main difference between swim spas and hot tubs except for the water jet is that a hot tub is used for relaxing the body (passive relaxation) while a swim spa can also be used for swimming and therefore more active relaxation.

A huge advantage of swim spas over the pool for swimming is that it takes much less size, can be used all year long, and works as a hot tub for passive relaxation as well.

swimming in a pool

Types of Swim Spas Based on Swim Current

There are two types of Swim Spas.

  • The first type uses airjets to shoot air or air with water at high speed, creating a water current as a result
  • The second type uses water jets to shoot water only

Swim spas are categorized as spa type or propeller type based on swim current. Spa-type swim spas are those that have water jets that shoot water through nozzles. They provide a steady current and are useful for swimming or just having fun with them.

On the other hand, propeller-type swim spas move a vast amount of water at a given time to create the current. These swim spas use a system that simulates the formation of waves. These swim spas are for serious swimmers seeing that the current is stronger. Propeller-type swim spas are also more expensive than spa-type swim spas because of the complexity of the internal mechanism that is needed to propel a large amount of water. Both of these types can be purchased as either a built-in swim spa or a portable swim spa.

How deep is a swim spa?

Most swim spas are about 40 inches deep (1 meter), with some spas up to 51 inches deep.

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  1. I am an amputee that finds swimming one of the few ways I can enjoy painless exercise. I have been interested in the concept of the swim spa for years and am now in the position to contemplate installing one in my home