Strong Spas G-2 Review

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October 8, 2020

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Discontinued product

If you would rather have an inflatable hot tub, check out our inflatable hot tub buying guide here.

Strong Spas G2 is a premium portable hot tub made of nearly indestructible resin cabinet. Made to fit up to 6 people!

If your muscles are tired, there is nothing that great as an awesome hydro jet massage in a hot water. Yes, this is what Strong Spa G-2 offers to you. 28 High power jets are ready to massage your whole body. The heater in this hot tub is made from stainless steel and ready to face all weather conditions.

Don’t worry about the installation, it’s nothing that anybody couldn’t accomplish. All you have to do is to assemble it, fill it with water, plug it in the socket, and watch it do its job. Don’t forget to use the appropriate surface under the hot tub.

Heating and capacity

First heating takes quite a long time, but that is common to all hot tubs. With a capacity of 290 gallons of water, it’s normal that heating the water to 104 degrees Fahrenheit can take about 40 hours. Then the heater only sustains the water temperature at the selected temperature level.

Not only this hot tub is very plausible to use, don’t forget that hot tubs also bring health benefits when used. For thousands of years, people used to bath in spas as they had positive effects on their health.

We suggest using a cover to minimize the heat loss when the hot tub is not in use. This will ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimal heat losses. Overall this hot tub is a great deal for anybody looking for a place to relax after a hard day working.

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