Inflatable Hot Tub Clearance - Realtime Price Comparison!

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November 26, 2020

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Hey there! Check out this table of blow up hot tubs with prices fetched in real-time to find the best deal or clearance currently available!

How much is a good deal?

These are the ranges we came up with after years of monitoring the hot tub prices:

$370 – $450 –> okay!

$320 – $369 –> awesome!

less than $319 –> That’s a steal!😍

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Check out this table with prices fetched in real-time!

We only included the most favorite hot tubs. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

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What are the typical reasons for an inflatable hot tub clearance?

  • Reducing inventory / overstocked – When the seller doesn’t have enough warehouse capacity, they have to get rid of some products that take a lot of space. While blow-up spas are quite small and easily stored – at least when compared to their counterparts made of solid materials, they can take a substantial amount of space in the warehouse.
  • Season shift – at the end of the season, when the hot tubs sales drop, it’s time to make space for new products in the warehouse – this is when the first point comes into action.
  • Clearances give the ability for new customers to try out the shopping experience in that store. Especially for customers who couldn’t afford the full price product before.
  • New product incoming – sell the older version as soon as possible. It’s always better for the seller to sell the older version of the product before the new one hits the market.
  • New product already hit the market – well, the price dump is a must in this situation, why would you buy an older version of the product otherwise?

How often do awesome deals show up?

  • Inflatable hot tubs go on sale quite often actually – It’s not uncommon to see awesome deals every two weeks or more.
  • Keep in mind that there are several inflatable hot tub manufacturers – fierce competition = awesome prices, low margins for sellers, and great deals for customers.

Is it worth waiting for a lower price?

This is absolutely up to you. Is the extra time you can spend in your inflatable spa worth it? Or would you rather wait a few months for an inflatable spa clearance or price drop?

Extra tip

Most companies offer great Black Friday deals on inflatable hot tubs! If you are patient enough, this might be worth the wait.

why do stores do clearance sales

Why Do Stores Have Clearance Sales?

Many see clearance sales, where items are typically sold at sharply reduced prices, as a great way to save money. In fact, they’ve become a way for people to afford items they want but had previously been out of their budget range. These shoppers might hold off on making purchases and save their money so they can splurge during the sale.

But what’s in it for the store? Why do stores have these seasonal clearance sales? Let’s take a look at some reasons why:

Reducing Inventory

It is very difficult for stores to predict just what will sell and what won’t. If they make the right choice, then items will fly off the shelves. If they don’t, well, then the stock will languish and eventually be brought to the stockroom where it will take up precious space.

Unsold stock is a liability for a store. In order to get rid of this excess inventory, they will have clearance sales where these items can be sold at significantly discounted prices (this applies to inflatable hot tubs as well).

While it may seem like the store is taking a loss, in fact, what they are doing is minimizing the financial impact that unwanted stock can have on their revenue (check out this article on how to get rid of unwanted inventory). This excess stock is usually sold at, or just above, the breakeven point. This means that, at the very least, the store will not lose money on the sale.

But, even items that had sold well in the past may be targeted for clearance sales if their sales are weakening. Even if a particular product continues to sell, if others in its product category are outselling it, the store might decide that it is no longer economically feasible to continue carrying it.

Thus, the product would be phased out. And you would expect, the remaining items will be put on a clearance sale to make way for the more popular products.

In addition, clearance sales are a smart strategy for moving items that shoppers had previously ignored. After all, when something is severely marked down, many people will suddenly find it irresistible.

Of course, not every item will be salable, and a certain percentage of it will have to eventually be discarded if it does not move. But stores hope that clearance sales will help them severely curtail this wastage.

Increasing Overall Sales

Increasing Overall Sales

The one thing that clearance sales are good for is bringing in more foot traffic to your store. Even people who have never visited it before will suddenly come in for a look when you hold a clearance sale.

There are many ways that store owners can monetize this foot traffic—for instance, by placing sale items toward the back. This will force shoppers to walk past normally priced items to get to the sale, and they might buy a few regular items in addition to the ones on sale.

They can also use clearance sales to connect with new customers. When a customer makes a purchase, for example, they might include a brochure encouraging them to sign up for a newsletter.

When customers sign up, they can receive alerts in their inbox when the store has a sale or promotion. The newsletter can likewise be used for other types of promotions, such as telling subscribers when a new item is being introduced.

Moving Seasonal Inventory

Moving Seasonal Inventory

There are many items that have a seasonal component to them, such as Christmas decorations or winter clothing. Once the season is over, many of these items will no longer be salable.

In order to move these items, stores hold post-season clearance sales. In addition to letting them recover some of their costs, they also get to free up space for fresh inventory.

To maximize sales, however, smart storeowners usually hold seasonal inventory sales before the season ends. These are usually when sales begin to decline anyway, so they can use a clearance sale to goose them a little.

For instance, have you ever noticed that stores markdown Christmas-related items near the end of December? The reason is that after the season is over, no one will want to buy these items. But if you hold a sale just as the season is wrapping up, people might buy these items thinking they can keep them for use next year.

Clearance sales can also be used to sell off last year’s models and make way for new ones. For instance, a hot tub clearance sale will usually sell models from the previous year to make way for ones for the current year.

Of course, smart shoppers can use these sales to finally buy items that they previously could not afford. Or they could choose to hold off, knowing that many stores would mark down last year’s model.

Many buyers would want the latest model with the newest features and would find older units somewhat undesirable. But, only a few would have the financial capacity to go for the latest, top-of-the-line variants.

Increasing Attendance

Increasing Attendance

Stores are not the only ones that can hold clearance sales. Organizers who stage events can also hold such sales in order to move unsold tickets. Obviously, they won’t call it a clearance sale but usually refer to it as a special promotion.

What happens is that, as the date of the event grows closer, the organizer will offer the unsold tickets at a steep discount. This might encourage people who have already bought tickets to buy extra ones so they can bring friends and family along.

This smart approach might even increase sales among those who were interested but had previously been deterred by the price to buy a ticket.

Encouraging People to Try Products

Not all clearance sales are actually of unwanted products. Stores might decide they want customers to try out a product that is not selling as well as they had hoped. So they hold a “clearance” sale in order to encourage shoppers to buy it. The hope is that once they have tried it, they will want to continue buying it, even at the regular price point.


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