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Inflatable Hot Tub Clearance – Realtime Price Comparison!

Hey there! Check out this table of blow up hot tubs with prices fetched in real-time to find the best deal or clearance currently available!

How much is a good deal?

These are the ranges we came up with after years of monitoring the hot tub prices:

$370 – $430 –> good!

$320 – $369 –> awesome!

less than $319 –> That’s a steal! 😍

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Check out this table with prices fetched in real-time!

We only included the most favorite hot tubs. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

What are the typical reasons for an inflatable hot tub clearance?

  • Reducing inventory / overstocked – When the seller doesn’t have enough warehouse capacity, they have to get rid of some products that take a lot of space. While blow-up spas are quite small and easily stored – at least when compared to their counterparts made of solid materials, they can take a substantial amount of space in the warehouse.
  • Season shift – at the end of the season, when the hot tubs sales drop, it’s time to make space for new products in the warehouse – this is when the first point comes into action.
  • Clearances give the ability for new customers to try out the shopping experience in that store. Especially for customers who couldn’t afford the full price product before.
  • New product incoming – sell the older version as soon as possible. It’s always better for the seller to sell the older version of the product before the new hits the market.
  • New product already hit the market – well, the price dump is a must in this situation, why would you buy an older version of the product otherwise?

How often do awesome deals show up?

  • Inflatable hot tubs go on sale quite often actually – It’s not uncommon to see awesome deals every two weeks or more.
  • Keep in mind that there are several inflatable hot tub manufacturers – fierce competition = awesome prices, low margins for sellers, and great deals for customers.

Is it worth waiting for a lower price?

This is absolutely up to you. Is the extra time you can spend in your inflatable spa worth it? Or would you rather wait a few months for an inflatable spa clearance or price drop?

Extra tip

Most companies offer great Black Friday deals on inflatable hot tubs! If you are patient enough, this might be worth the wait.

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