Best Two Person Hot Tub - SaluSpa Siena AirJet

A hot tub is the pinnacle of relaxation. But, it can also be viewed as a luxurious product. And when it comes to luxury, most of us assume high price tags. What if we told you, you can organize a romantic hot tub soak with your significant other for less than $400? So what do […]

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Review (Coleman SaluSpa)

Coleman SaluSpa Spa Also known as a Coleman Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub  Our rating: Design: TriTech material, inflatable cover, cushioned air pad floor Comfort: Up to 4 people seated Cost:  Awesome price! Check price & user reviews on Amazon Having a Jacuzzi or a spa in your own home is considered a luxury, and the type […]

Our Favorite One Person Hot Tub

Why waste space and electricity running a big hot tub when you can have an amazing hot tub just for you. When it comes to one person hot tubs, there are not as many to choose from. Our favorite one is a hot tub combined with a bathtub. If you are looking for something more affordable, […]

M-SPA Super Camaro B-150 Review

What does it offer? M-SPA Super Camaro B-150 is an affordable six-person inflatable hot tub made of premium tough PVC. One of the main features is the built-in touch control box for controlling both water temperature and massaging air jets. So how many air bubble jets does it have? There are around 130 massaging bubble […]

M-Spa Model B-90 Review

M-Spa used to be a mediocre product. However, it's no longer available for purchase. Definitely check out much better alternatives like Intex PureSpa or the popular Coleman Hot Tub. This product is discontinued. Our rating: Design: OK quality fabric Comfort: Massage bubble jets Cost:  Ok M-Spa is a well-known company with more than 22 years […]

SaluSpa Miami Review

The Saluspa Miami is an inflatable hot tub that is designed to be used by up to 4 adults at a time. As a portable hot tub, the Saluspa can be used in virtually any area of the house as long as there is a socket and a good foundation present. The hot tub can be easily set-up and […]