How A Small Personal Hot Tub Is Better Than A Traditional Spa?

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June 8, 2020

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Gone are the days when people used to invest too much of their hard-earned money on traditional wooden tubs. These traditional wooden tubs were often fixed on the ground and required much hassle, whenever the house owner decided to move them from one place to another.

Thanks to science and engineering we now have the means to opt for inflatable tubs. Today, we’ll talk about a small and cozy 2-person inflatable hot tub. Keep in mind that there is also a wide range of big blow-up hot tubs available.

Below, we have compiled a list of advantages a small inflatable hot tub has over a traditional hot tub.

rubber duck bath

Bathe Anywhere

Yahoo… I always wanted that. I’m a human and naturally my mood changes from time to time. Sometimes I have the fantasy to have a bath in my lawn while sometimes I feel like bathing indoor while watching television.

The inflatable tub is also great for campers as it is lightweight and easy enough to carry from one place to another.

Young couples can make intricate emotional bonding by being close to each other. This tub is especially recommended for senior citizens. As a person ages, it is difficult to keep them happy at all times. Such a person is prone to frustration and often creates a lot of hassle when it comes to bathing. Now their caretakers can buy a dynamic inflatable hot tub and make life easier.

Patients with paralysis or those having difficulty in moving, they too can avail the facility of a personal inflatable tub.

Very Economical

Traditional hot tubs are made up of wood and we all know the cost of wood getting raised every now and then. It is getting too much expensive for a common man. Personal inflatable tubs are made up of synthetic polymers. These polymers of rubber and plastic are generally, inexpensive as compared to wood.

Change of Trends

How long has it been since we started seeing traditional wooden steps, ingrained in our homes? It’s been forever, right?

Well, the world is shifting. It is getting a touch of modernism with a coat of finesse. Those static, larger, immovable tubs are getting replaced by dynamic, smaller, movable tubs that can accommodate multiple people. Powered by electric pumps, these inflatable tubs are filled with air in a matter of seconds. When a person opts for taking a bath in one of these tubs, he/she feels light since bathing is taking place on air cushions.

This tub is ideal for couples as it acts as a platform to create exciting memories. It provides privacy as well as maintains the standards of hygiene. Since it is a tub for two people, less heat is required.

When deflated, the tub loses all of its air and occupies very little space. It can easily accommodate inside a bag or a closet. Economical and small in area; just the two ingredients any household product needs.

All of these inflatable tubs are almost of similar sizes. The size is about 5.9 feet in diameter with a height of 2.3 feet. Since the material it is made of is of high quality, one can even sit on the walls.


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