M-Spa Model B-90 Review

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January 16, 2021

M-Spa used to be a mediocre product. However, it’s no longer available for purchase. Definitely check out much better alternatives like Intex PureSpa or popular Coleman Hot Tub.

M-Spa Model B-90

m-spa b90

This product is discontinued.

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Mediocre quality fabric
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Massage bubble jets
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M-Spa is a well-known company with more than 22 years of experience in the field of inflatable recreational products. M-Spa B-90 is made of strong 3-layer laminated PVC.

The M Spa Model B-90 Alpine Hot Tub is a blowup jacuzzi. It is 27 inches high and has floor dimensions of 62 x 62 inches.

What is included in the box?

It comes with a patented built-in control box with touch control buttons. It is made of premium 3-layer laminated PVC. The hot tub has a 184-gallon water capacity and 105 air bubble jets. It features built-in heaters with 0.9 horsepower.

The maximum heat setting is 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and the tub uses a standard 110-volt socket. The tub has two filters: an internal filter and a cartridge filter. It has drainage tubes that connect to a plug on the spa floor.

The filtration, heater, and jets are all good quality and not very noisy. The tub does not have seats though it comes with a floor mat and the interior is comfortable to sit on. Some people may opt to place a mat underneath the tub to make it more comfortable and to help with the insulation.

The tub is made of thick vinyl (actually 3 layers of it) so it is not particularly prone to getting punctured or scratched by pets. If you somehow manage to make the hot tub leaking, here is a nice guide how to detect such a leak.

How long does it take to heat up?

The tub takes a while to heat—around 18-24 hours to bring it from 60 degrees to 104 degrees. Its lowest ideal temperature is around 86 degrees. The temperature tends to go down after reaching around 90 degrees, and the bubbles released are not heated so using that feature can cause the water’s temperature to decrease gradually. This is common among all hot tubs on the market. The tub’s insulation consists of only a snap-on foil cover. The hot tub needs more than this for better insulation.

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