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I have never owned my own hot tub.  This does not mean that I have not spent many hours in hot tubs before!  Although I might be considered a ‘novice’ when it comes to hot tubs, to be honest, I don’t really care about the ownership, but one-hundred percent of the purpose it serves.

Hot Tub

For me, a hot tub is just the most amazing place to be in. As you start up those engines and get a full-force stream of hot water flowing, not many things come close enough to the feeling of total surrender. The feeling enforced into your muscles of total loss of control and the will to resist the force of the water. The most relaxing way in which I would love to be treated constantly!  The applied heat to the body allows the blood to flow, it improves blood circulation and blood flow and allows for a very relaxing activity. It is even evidently releasing tension in the body and muscles and therefore a very healthy way to release stress!

If you don’t already own one, you must consider the cost of NOT having one and the non-measurable value of having a stress-reliever whenever you step into your home.

stress reliever

In order for you to start planning for your hot tub, it is very important to consider all the practical aspects of hot tubs. Although it might seem straightforward to buy a hot tub, it is not as easy due to the different options and different aspects you need to keep in mind.

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes.  You even get a Jacuzzi toilet, but let’s rather not go there!  Most people I know include a hot tub as part of their wish list when they start dreaming about their perfect house or the perfect getaway accommodation for a weekend. For whatever purpose you have one – if it is for relaxation, socialization or hydrotherapy – there is one commonly agreeable response to having one and that is the value it adds to the well-being of people.

A hot tub is normally larger than a normal bath.  The most popular size fits four people, but there are a bit smaller and larger hot tubs as well.  Hot tubs normally have jets that provide different strengths of hot air or water flowing into the hot tub, creating bubbles and a very relaxing effect.  Hot tubs, also called spas or Jacuzzi’s, are generally more expensive and different sizes and trademarks will be in different price ranges.

All the administrative and characteristics aside, all of this can be a very expensive buy without adding the value that cannot be measured in monetary value if it is not optimally utilized.

The setting of this hot tub made it perfect (or it could backfire!)!

I’ve once been in a log cabin deep in the Knysna woods in the Southern Cape, South Africa, where a hot tub was installed outside the cabin between the 20-meter plus trees in the middle of almost nowhere as the only means of bathroom facility. As the cabin was built in an isolated area in the woods and privacy is guaranteed, it was not really too big a risk to take a bath out in the open. It was however partly enclosed with tightly planted wooden logs about two-thirds of the tub with an open one-third overlooking the neighboring gorges of green fields on the one side of the wood.

On a good weather day, you could sit in the hot tub with many birds singing in the background, trying to convince you to stay there forever. You could see for kilometers on end without being able to take in everything you see.

Another hot tub I’ve visited was a very small three-seater of a friend who lived in an apartment on the 7th floor which he installed on his 4m x 3m balcony – overlooking the neighboring apartment block’s parking area. This was really not the most romantic and practical setting for a hot tub for the purpose of relaxation and to create a serenity experience.

However, this was never the purpose of my friend having a hot tub. He wanted his friends to have a good time at his apartment with a glass of wine (or bear) in the hand, listening to music, having a barbeque and just enjoying the fun-setting!

Hot tubs can be exciting, but if the setting is not well thought through, it can fall short on all the potential it has of creating a great experience.  In my experience, I think the setting must first be created on paper before you go hot-tub-shopping!  This way you will know what you are looking for when you are confronted with the many choices, different settings, the size and shape of it as well as what you want the purpose of it to be within the space you want to create.

When you decided what size and type you want to include in the space you try to create, it is time to consider other elements of this activity.  How much time do you have that you will spend in the tub, how many people are in your household, as it will have to accommodate all at least at the same time and how much money you want to spend on it?  It also helps if you know what type of outside shape, material, and color you need.

It is always good to shop around before making up your mind on what to buy.  Not only will you be able to compare the different models, prices, and deals you can choose from, it also allows you to invest time in the effort of creating the perfect setting for it. Without a doubt, your home will become a very popular visitors’ choice!

Always remember to celebrate the homecoming of your new hot tub!  The best way to do that? Pour in the water and let the bubbles flow!

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