5 Things Blow-up Hot Tubs and Infrared Saunas Have in Common

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February 15, 2021
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The fast pace of modern lifestyle causes more and more people to realize how important it is to slow down from time to time and do something good for your mental and physical health. The growing popularity of “home spa amenities” such as inflatable hot tubs and infrared saunas is a clear example of this phenomenon.

Let’s take a look at 5 things that inflatable hot tubs and infrared saunas have in common and the reasons why they are so popular these days.


1. Great places to relax

Hot tubs and infrared saunas are great places to forget the problems and noise of everyday life and enjoy the silence and relaxing environment to re-energize your body and mind.

They were literally made to help you relax - whether we talk about massage jets in an inflatable hot tub or chromotherapy lighting and oxygen ionizer in a sauna.


Most infrared sauna models even include audio systems that enable you to listen to your favorite music or audiobook! Therefore, before finding the best infrared sauna or hot tub for you, you should consider all the features and options.

And of course, we can't forget about the aromatherapy oils that can bring the whole hot tub/sauna experience to a new level.

Essential oils for hot tub or infrared sauna

2. Practical for home use

Both inflatable hot tubs and home infrared sauna units are practical alternatives to their bigger sisters - standard hot tubs and traditional saunas. The main reason is that they are much easier to maintain, save more electricity and, last but not least, are much cheaper in general.

Thanks to inflatable hot tubs and infrared saunas, everyone can have his own little spa center at home for a reasonable price.

Interior of Finnish infrared sauna

3. Perfect for social interactions

If you love being among friends or you simply want to enjoy some quality time with your family, a hot tub or sauna is a great place to have a lot of fun or indulge in a meaningful conversation after a long day at work.

The private feeling of the home spa contributes to a unique atmosphere that can be shared with your loved ones to create unforgettable memories.

4. Shared health benefits

Both hot tubs and infrared saunas offer many health benefits for their users and many of them are shared by both devices.

One of these benefits is increased blood flow caused by the hot water (hot tubs) or hot air (infrared saunas) that improves the blood circulation in the body. Another benefit you can enjoy when using a hot tub or a sauna is the soothing effect on sore muscles.

Finally, the heat produced by these popular spa treatments helps to improve the quality of sleep. Anyone who spent some time in a hot tub or quality sauna and went to bed right after would definitely agree.

Woman in a sauna

5. You can combine them with cold

The best thing about inflatable hot tubs and home infrared saunas is that you don’t have to choose one or the other. They work perfectly when combined! And there’s another thing you can combine them with - the cold!

You can soak in a hot water in a hot tub, get some fresh winter air or jump into a cold pool and then enjoy the hot air of an infrared sauna (or vice versa). Fast switching between hot and cold (also called contrasting therapy) has many health benefits and a very positive impact on your immune system.

Jumping into cold water after heavy sweating in a sauna may not be for everyone but we can guarantee that the rejuvenating feeling afterward is totally worth it!


Inflatable hot tubs and infrared saunas are two practical and affordable ways to create your own spa at home. They can be a place where you relax after a long day or share the moments with your friends and family.

In addition, they offer many health benefits and can become a regular part of your fitness routine. No wonder that they became popular additions to many households in recent years.

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