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If you had performed due diligence before purchasing your hot tub, then, you must have discovered that some hot tubs came with covers, while some had no covers. If for some reasons, you bought the tub without a cover, then, have no fear.

What if I tell you that you can still purchase the right cover for your hot tub without burning your pockets in doing so, will you believe me? Well, that’s what I will be covering in this article.

But first,

What are the advantages of using the right hot tub covers?

Advantages of hot tub cover

With the right hot tub cover, your tub

  • is protected from all kinds of debris, rain, winds, bugs and direct sun With this protection comes durability for your cover
  • lowers your heating bill. Here’s how. When you are not using your hot tub and it is uncovered, more heat is lost from it. This heat is significantly reduced when you cover your tub when it is not in use
  • protects your kids in case of accidental falls

Aside from the above advantages, you can decide to buy a tub for the following reasons;

  • This point won’t be related to inflatable hot tubs, but it’s nice to point it out. Sitting on a top of the tub. There are times when you just want to be near the tub and not inside of it. A tub cover provides the right platform for this. If the cover is strong enough as it should be, then you can sit on it for a few minutes.
  • Tub covers add some gloss to the tub itself. So if you like the elegance that tub covers add to hot tubs, then, by all means, go for it.
source: https://www.hottubsuk.co.uk/hot-tub-covers

The following are the measures you need to consider before buying that tub cover

  1. The right material. This means that if your tub is made of vinyl, then, your tub cover should also be made of the same material – in this case, vinyl. If the material for each differs, there is the chance that the tub might crack earlier than usual which means more expense on your side if such happens
  2. Complete covers. Ensure that the cover you tend to buy is exactly or slightly larger than the tub itself. This is to ensure that the purpose of buying the cover (protection, safety, and reduction of a heating bill) is not defeated. If you are concerned as to how to obtain the right dimensions for your tub, don’t be. Most manufacturers and marketers provide videos and or other forms of tutorial on how you can effectively measure the dimensions of your tub so that you can buy the right tub cover for it.
  3. Compare rating value (R-value). A rating value simply means how well the cover is going to reduce the amount of heat loss from the tub when it is not in use. Needless to say, the higher this R-value, the lower the rate of heat loss from your tub when you are not using it. This value is always on all tub overs. Check it before buying that tub cover

Of course, after purchase and installation, your cover is bound to suffer from rumpling and waterlogging (sometimes molding) with use. With water logging and or molding, comes increased debris which can also lead to less longevity for your tub. With rumple comes an increase in the amount of heat loss from the tub without use and which means an increase in your heating bill.

To reduce the effect of any these, detach the cover from the tub every 2 to 3 months to drain out any water that might be trapped in there. If despite these preventive measures, you are still experiencing water logging and or rumpling, then, it is advisable that you look into buying a new tub cover. My advice is that you do not go for the cheapest when trying to buy your tub cover. If you do, then, your tub will not last as it ought to.

In conclusion, ensure that

  • the make-up of the tub and tub cover is the same,
  • the cover completely covers the tub and
  • you buy the cover with the highest R-rating

Then, you can rest assured of buying the right tub cover with confidence.

How to measure hot tub cover

Did you know that most inflatable hot tubs have basic cover included?

How to measure the cover?

One of the biggest reasons why you can fail when trying to measure the cover of your tub is not taking a little bit of time to learn how to properly measure the cover for your tub.

Of course, you know that if you fail at taking the right measurement for your cover, you end up buying the wrong cover which means your precious tub is no longer safe from debris, accidental falls or increase in your electricity bill.

As a tub owner interested in changing your tub cover, you are faced with a barrage of fear. This fear come in the form of questions. Questions such as;

  • I have never taken a measurement in my life; won’t I fumble at this and make a joke of myself?
  • the tub or tub cover which of these should I measure?
  • What is an acrylic?

All these are valid fears.

However, they are not what you should panic about

Let me answer the above questions one after the other.

  • I have never taken a measurement in my life; won’t I fumble at this and make a joke of myself?


We have all made mistakes myself included.

It is just like telling yourself that because you fell down from riding a bicycle for the first time, you will not try again.

So the answer to your question is to give it a go, follow the right guide and you will be able to conquer your fear of taking measurements.

  • The tub or tub cover, which of these should I measure?

The right answer is the tub cover. However, if the cover is so old that some parts of it have worn off, then, it is better to take the dimensions of the tub itself.

  • What is an acrylic?

An acrylic is any product made from the chemical compound – acrylic acid.

If you still have more questions, a simple google search will help you a long way.

Just ensure that you allocate a specific period of time for your search so that you won’t get caught up just goofing around the internet for a whole day with no task accomplished.

With all the above out of the way, here are 4 critical tips on how you can measure your tub cover;

Tip 1: On Measurements

This is repeated for emphasis sake, measure the tub cover and the tub dimensions if the tub cover is still very intact. If it is not intact, measure the tub dimensions – the length and breadth are crucial.

Tip 2: Always Add An Extra 0.5 Inches To Your Measurement.

This is to rectify any mistakes made during the measurement. This mistake may cause your new tub cover not to fit appropriately. A half inch of over measurement will still make your cover fit very well.

Tip 3: A Custom Cover Can Be Made Available.

There are different companies that specialize in creating tub covers as well as tub cover accessories – control panels, handles, air buttons, headrests, control panels, handles, etc. For example, hot tub covers Canada.  If there is anything bothering you that you need clarification on, use this email address.

Tip 4: When To Change Your Tub Cover

No matter how durable your cover is, the sun often weakens the material so make sure to check the cover for any defects and change it for a new one accordingly.

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