If for whatever reason, your hot tub no longer interests you, then, there are several ways by which you can either remove it or sell it off. To get rid of your hot tub, there are four options and they are discussed below.

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Option One – Do It Yourself

If you have to remove your hot tub, it implies that it has become a junk material and you should ensure that you observe the following 5 steps for you to remove it;

  • Ensure that all electrical circuits connected to the tub are turned off
  • If there is any wooden deck around the tub, use a sledgehammer to remove it
  • All materials such as plastic pipes and or wires under the tub must be carefully packed in one place
  • Rent a flat trailer
  • Either you roll the tub into the trailer from its side or you dismantle the tub into four pieces and carry each piece into the trailer.

All the steps stated above should not take you more than one hour and thirty minutes.

Option Two – Call For A Professional Assistance

If the above seems too much, then call in the services of a professional near you. The cost of these services obviously varies from one company to another. However, on the average, the charge is around $175 – this does not include the cost of renting a crane if the use of a crane becomes necessary.

man lifting boxOption Three – Deal Your Tub For A New One

Most tub dealers now offer this kind of deal.

To deal your current tub for a new one, follow these 3 steps;

  • With the advent of the internet, this should not take more than a few minutes since there are plenty of options available. What can take your time will be getting a dealer that you are happy with since their terms of service will be different.
  • After you have found the tub dealer that you are happy with, fill in the details on their website. Most of the time, the details must include the present state of your tub and you upload the pictures of it in order for them fairly judge the price and fix the discount they will offer you. Ensure that you fill the details in all honesty.
  • After that wait for their response. In their response, the dealer will give you a breakdown of the cost. If you are happy with it, then, by all means, contact them back and settle with them.

Option Four – Deal Your Tub For A Price

If the idea of tubing does not just appeal to you anymore, there are tub dealers who may be interested in your tub as well. Just like option three above, search for a suitable dealer, fill in the details they require on their website, wait for their response and reply accordingly.

Once you sell your tub don’t think of the price the dealer is going to sell it. This is because you do not want to start thinking that you have been cheated.

You have to keep in mind that the dealer is going to

  1. Remove the tub at a cost
  2. Spend money on refurbishment and
  3. Include a warranty on the tub. This is far greater than any amount of money because any additional expense after purchase is going to borne by him

Selling Your Tub By Yourself

If any of the options above does not appeal to you, consider selling your tub on auction sites online. Ebay and craigslist are good options for this.

Getting rid of an inflatable hot tub is the easiest thing of all. They are easy to transport, that means they are easy to sell.

Thus, whether you want to remove or sell your tub, the options are there as discussed, just tap into them.

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