Party in a Hot Tub - Worth Every Penny!

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November 3, 2020

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hot tub party

Planning a hot tub party with your closest pals or favorite family members in the comfort of home or a secluded destination? Let your imagination soar and have a blast by considering everyone’s interests when planning what to nibble and drink, and what games to play. Whether you’re in your garden, a hotel rooftop, in the countryside or campground, or in a villa with your inflatable hot tub, you can imagine being in a faraway land like Tuscany, Lisbon, France, or Switzerland.

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Yes, you can have the time of your life in the company of close friends or family while immersed in a relaxing hot tub.


Keep in mind some supplies you need to have on hand for your hot tub party. If you’re having the party in your home, you need to set the right ambiance — from the moment your party begins and as the party progresses late into the evening — so be sure there’s adequate lighting (like lanterns and uplights). Make your backyard visually pleasing and enticing for everyone.

If your friends love sampling wine, then, by all means, get a premium bottle, bring out the glass flutes, and position your tub in your backyard at dusk, when you can view the stars. Don’t forget to chill the wine around 15 minutes — even in just an ice bucket — before your get-together. Then, set up the hot tub early, before you and your guests are ready to climb in.

wine tasting

Before the wine drinking session, you and your friends can engage in some unadulterated fun. Days before you and your pals are set to have your hot tub party, draw up a list of simple but fun games you can all play while soaking in the tub. There are fun games that require objects you may have at home, like ping-pong balls, a rubber duck, or waterproof playing cards.

The bigger your inflatable tub is, the more games you can consider. There are blow up hot tubs that can accommodate just two to four people; others are made to comfortably fit six individuals. Inflatable hot tubs come in varying shapes and styles.

There are stylish, regal-looking options, and there are simple, low-maintenance models. Some hot tub buyers check stability and opt for portable tub with a reinforced outer wall. Other tubs look simple on the outside but are actually equipped with features like a user-friendly control panel, dynamic bubble jets, and filter cartridges that are easy to replace. Some portable tubs also have a DVD setup, digital controls, and even LED lights. Do invest in a robust tub with a free warranty.

led lights

It’s best to invest in a quality inflatable tub that will hold up even after repeated use. Keep in mind that it can serve other purposes other than a relaxing soak with your friends. You can bond with your kids (of course, they shouldn’t be left unsupervised) using the inflatable whirlpool, or enjoy a dip with your hubby to soothe an aching back at the end of a workweek.

If a simple spa relaxation is what you have in mind, you and your friends or family or relatives can simply trade stories while in the tub — eating, drinking, and recharging your internal batteries. Healthy grub like small chicken or tuna sandwiches, bread with broccoli cheddar spread, shrimp cocktail, egg rolls, or quesadillas can be placed in a mini snack bar near the hot tub party area. Grub that can be eaten while in the hot tub include fruits and light finger foods. Other snacks, like grilled dishes, can be placed on a table within arm’s reach if you’re in the hot tub.


Beverage options can be lemonade or iced tea, fruit punch, piña colada, margaritas, or a bottle of champagne or French wine. You can savor the alcoholic drinks after the hot tub soak.


To complete the fun, keep some nice music playing. Have a wide range of music that will appeal to the varying tastes of your guests. The host may also enlist the help of a friend to keep boredom from setting in and to help out with the music selection for the party.

Lastly, it would be great if your hot tub party guests are reminded of basic house rules or hot tub etiquette. While the party host may not want to spoil the fun of guests, adherence to certain rules will keep the hot tub party going smoothly.

Always have a shower before entering the hot tub

Getting a quick shower or rinse-off before climbing into the hot tub is advisable. It can also be irksome if someone suddenly adds bath oil, bubble bath or similar substances to the hot tub without permission. Guests may also be asked to bring their own towels. Nonetheless, the host should have on hand some extra towels or swimwear just in case somebody has forgotten to bring these.

To fully enjoy your party with friends or family, set aside your gadgets like mobile phones, and go with the flow. Taking time to indulge with people who really matter to you in a nice portable hot tub can be true bliss, so go for it. Happy soaking!


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