Health Benefits of Soaking in Hot Water

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Peter Smith
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June 15, 2020

Ever wondered what are the health benefits of hot tubs? Check out this infographic to learn all of them!

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You can gain a lot of health benefits from soaking in a hot tub. Did you know that the term “spa” is short for “salus per aquam” which is Latin and can be literally translated as “health from water”?  Spas have been utilized by ancient cultures such as the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians for relaxation and therapy.

In New York, the Mohawk tribe appointed the hot spring in their area as “Sarasota” which means “place of miraculous water in rock”.  Even in our modern society, you could see a lot of hot springs all around the United States which have become famous vacation destinations.

There may have been dramatic changes in hot tubs and spas since the ancient times of soaking in natural mineral spas.  But the health benefits of soaking in hot water stay the same. Nowadays, the most affordable option is an inflatable hot tub.


A number of delicate physiological processes happen when you soak your body in hot water.  First, you experience increased blood flow as your body starts to warm.  Your warm blood will then cause your blood vessels to become dilated which can result in reduced blood pressure.  This process can happen in as short as twenty minutes.

The hot water can also cause your muscles to relax as the heat is transported deep into your body.  As normal, your body will attempt to cool itself by transporting heat back to your skin through your blood.  For this reason, spas are better compared to bathtubs since spas can sustain hot water temperatures for an indefinite period of time.  As such, your blood will not recirculate at lower temperatures when you soak in a spa.  It will actually return deep within your body at higher temperatures than before while transporting healing heat to areas in your body where other treatments cannot reach.  The heat can also mute the sensitivity of your central nervous system which allows your body to focus on gaining heat that generates pain relief.


Even the fittest people can have lots of weight on their joints, particularly their ankles and feet which support the weight of nearly all of their body almost 24 hours a day.  Even the other joints in our body are in constant motion including our wrists, elbows, and knees.  And the sad fact is that almost everyone has suffered from back pains or knows someone who has.

When you sit in a spa, around 90% of your weight is supported by the natural buoyancy of the water.  This can lessen the pressure on your joints which will allow them a break from their daily toil.  While you are relaxing in a hot tub, all of your muscles and joints experience reduced strain.


The water jets of a spa are basically focused water streams with heated air blended into the flow.  They offer a therapeutic massage that can be controlled so you can choose how intense or gentle you wish it to feel.  The various quantities, configurations, pressures, and sizes of the nozzles in hot tubs are designed to focus on specific body parts.  Smaller groups of water jets can target your neck muscles while most of the other jets target different parts of your back.  You can use the jets of the spa to relieve your muscles, similar to a trained masseuse.

medical benefits

You can take advantage of the last health effects of owning and using a spa.  Here are some of the things you can enjoy, as supported by research studies:

  • According to the British Journal of Rheumatology, spa therapy can have positive effects (both short-term and moderate long-term) in chronic lower back pain. The volunteers in the research study reported that they experienced lessened intake of anti-inflammatory medications and analgesics, lessened pain duration and increased back flexibility
  • The New England Journal of Medicine reported that type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients who used a hot tub thirty minutes each day for six days a week experienced an increased general sense of well-being, improved sleep, decreased glycosylated hemoglobin and plasma glucose, weight loss and lessened insulin doses.
  • The Arthritis Foundation reported that regular hot tub sessions can aid in keeping joints properly functioning. Hot tubs can restore and preserve flexibility and strength.  It can also aid in protecting your joints from additional damage.  An arthritis sufferer can benefit from the buoyancy, massage, and warmth provided by hot tubs.  While supporting and lessening the pressure on your joints, you can also enjoy freer movement.
  • Mayo Clinic stated that you can simulate exercise by soaking in a spa. You will experience the same increased heart rate without increasing your blood pressure.  This means that regular usage of hot tubs and spas can offer you some of the health benefits of exercising with lesser stress on your heart.
  • The National Sleep Foundation reported research studies which suggested that soaking in spas or hot tubs before going to sleep can help you ease into deeper and sounder sleep at night. Soaking in a hot tub for around 1 ½ hours prior to bedtime can aid in triggering your internal thermostat to reduce your body temperature which can then induce sleep better.

Here are 7 easy to understand benefits of hot water

hot water

I remembered it just like yesterday, the first time I had a hot water bath, what a great feeling it was after the bath. I recalled that before the bath, I had a lot of reservations. For example, what if I get steamed, what if something goes wrong with the heaters and everything goes kaboom.

After the bath, I realized that my fears were completely unfounded and in fact, I enjoyed the bath so much that I now long for it almost on a daily basis.

From my experience and other friends that I have interacted with, here are 5 health benefits of a hot water bath;

A hot water bath helps you to…

  1. Stay In Shape

Here’s how. As an individual who goes through any of kind of physical activity during the day, you tend to have joint pain, stretched muscles as well as some injuries even if all these do not manifest, they are there in your body. Having a clean, hot bath takes all of these away. This brings me to the next point.

  1. Have A Good Sleep

While you can have a hot water bath at any time of the day, I usually have mine in the night so that I can easily and quickly fall asleep. The way by which a hot water helps in falling and staying asleep is by relaxing the muscles of the body. This relaxes the whole body both physically and mentally guaranteeing us a peace of mind in the night especially after a long day at work.

  1. Feel More Confident About Yourself

You are staying in shape and having a good sleep, the result you get is a more confident self. The reason for this is that you are able to sleep on the worries of the day and wake up with renewed strength to face the challenges of a new day.

  1. Improve Blood Circulation

When you dip your body into a hot water, the water exerts physical pressure on the body and thus the heart works faster and stronger. This is not a punishment for the heart; rather, it is more like a light exercise for it to work at peak level.

  1. Clean Your Skin

When you soak your body in hot water, for example in an inflatable hot tub, the pores in your skin open up and if you are making use of a clean hot water (which is highly recommended anyway), the water enters into your body and wipes away some of the dirt and toxins in your skin. This not only refreshes you but also gives you a cleaner skin.

  1. Moist Your Skin

A direct advantage of the skin cleaning is that your body remains moist for a longer period of time and with the opening of the pores, the chances of cracks appearing on your skin when it is dry is almost zero.

  1. Reduce Headaches

Bathing in a hot water reduces the pressure on the blood vessels in the head and since headaches are mostly caused by an increased pressure on the blood vessels in the head, a hot water bath can thus help in reducing headaches.

In conclusion, it’s been more than five years since my first hot bath and I have enjoyed every bit of it. With all the benefits I have stated above, wouldn’t you want to join me?


With the above out of the way, here 4 caveats you should heed to;

  1. Consult your doctor about taking hot baths, if you are an individual with a heart condition
  2. As a pregnant woman, you must not take hot baths
  3. Ensure that you have a cold drink close by to hydrate your body. Hot baths dehydrate the body.
  4. Only soak your body for between 15 and 20 minutes.

Hot Tubs for Healing


Many people all over the globe are drawn to bodies of water when they are looking for healing. Some crave the mineral properties that can be found in water, while others are after the calming effects of being submerged. When you want to fully revive your body and reach a place that embodies the word ‘Zen’, there is no better place than a large tub of bubbling how water.

Soaking in a hot tub is a great way to calm both the mind and the body. It enables your muscles to relax and the tension that you have been hanging on to after a long day can slowly dissipate. The gentle massaging action does more than restore your sanity, it is also great for healing your body, inside and out. Here are some interesting ways that a hot tub can help with healing.

Therapeutic Massage

Perhaps the most enjoyment and healing that you can experience when in a hot tub is the therapeutic massage. This is brought about by the varying nozzles that are able to direct water at different pressure levels to the parts of your body. This can help to sooth the muscles in hard to reach places such as on your back and wrists, as well as your neck and legs.

When you go for a massage, you experience similar relief, but the hot tub experience can be so much more rejuvenating. Since the water in the hot tub is warmer, your body is also able to benefit from the minerals in the water, which become easier to absorb through the skin.

Healing Sore Muscles

After a hard run or intense exercise, you will begin to feel your body complain, often with sore and painful muscles. There is no need to grin and bear it when a solution to relieve the soreness exists. You should fill up your hot tub and spend at least half an hour soaking in the hot water.

The reason that muscles become sore after intense exercise is because they tense up, making movement difficult. In the hot tub, they begin to relax and loosen up, since they get warm and are not under any strain. For the best effect, make sure that you are well hydrated when using the hot tub as you may lose some water due to perspiration.

Relieving Bone Pressure

Your bones are the foundation that helps to hold you up and keep you moving, and they often experience strain and tension, especially if you are carrying some extra weight. A common complaint is sore knees following physical movement. Your joints may also be causing you discomfort if you have arthritis, which causes them to regularly become inflamed.

In the hot tub, your body becomes more buoyant, and you relieve the pressure that is placed on them. This is because the water is actually carrying your weight, in most cases, supporting up to 90% of it. For that period when you are in the hot tub, you relieve the pressure that is placed on your bones, and the water also helps to reduce inflammation.

Improving Blood Circulation

A large number of ailments in the body are caused by problems with blood circulation, meaning that your blood simply does not carry essential nutrients around the body as quickly as it should. This could result in you experiencing pain and exhaustion, which will limit the way that you perform tasks in daily life.

When you soak your body in a hot tub, it will begin to slowly absorb some heat. The body will then become warm, and this will cause your blood vessels to dilate. When they are a little wider, your blood will be able to flow much faster, and if you are experiencing issues due to elevated blood pressure, then these are likely to reduce as well.

Inducing Sleep

Just as your body needs physical healing from stress and strain, so does your mind, especially if the stress you are experiencing is affecting your ability to sleep. Using a hot tub is a great way to overcome that insomnia, especially if you take an extra step and add some essential oils into the water.

The water elevates your temperature, and once you are out and your body needs to cool down faster than normal, it becomes easier for you to fall into a deeper sleep. All that is needed to experience this benefit is a soak in the tub for about twenty minutes and you can count on a good long dream filled night of sleep.

There is a reason that you will always find a large hot tub when you visit a spa. It is because hydrotherapy has long been associated with soothing and relaxing the body so that it is better able to function on the whole. The hot tub is a great place to find yourself after a long day of activity, as it will rejuvenate your body and help it function at its optimum level.

The fact that there are ways that your body and mind can experience healing due to being in a hot tub for twenty minutes is excellent, as the long-term effect could be that you no longer need to lean so heavily on medicines that can toxify your body. Give yourself and your body and mind the best possible treatment by committing to spending time relaxing in a hot tub.

How does a hot tub help your overall health?

A hot tub is a small pool filled with heated water that is used for hydrotherapy or pleasure. Soaking in a hot tub after a tiring day feels pampering, relaxing and luxurious. Aside from these benefits, there are other positive effects of a hot tub on your body that can improve your overall health.

Heat, buoyancy and massage

Heat, buoyancy, and massage are the key factors of relaxing in a hot tub. Working together, these elements create a completely soothing hydro-massage experience that improves physical and emotional health.

With an optimum temperature ranging from thirty-seven to thirty-nine degrees Celsius, heat improves circulation through vasodilation of blood vessels. Buoyancy relieves joint aches and pains by reducing the weight it bears by as much as ninety percent.

powerful jets

Powerful jets relieve muscle tension with hydro or air massage. The water massage can affect deep tissues such as muscles and joints while air massage can have soft tissue impacts on the skin receptors that transmit relaxing vibrations all over the body. These factors also trigger the release of endorphins, hormones that can ease the pain, promote general relaxing effect, and induce good mood.

Improvement in sleeping patterns

The most widely known among the positive effects of a hot tub on your body are a stress relief and improvement in sleeping pattern. Those who suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia usually have hectic schedules and stressful lifestyles that can leave them feeling tired, anxious, depressed or have unpredictable mood swings. Ninety minutes before attempting to sleep, soaking in the hot tub for fifteen minutes can help ease the body into a relaxing and sound slumber without prescription drugs that have side effects such as grogginess.

Feeling of weightlessness

The feeling of weightlessness and comfortably warm temperature creates a tendency to fall asleep faster with fewer disruptions that can lead to the REM stage. REM sleep is the restorative stage of sleep that positively affects bodily functions such as mood, alertness, and metabolism. Regular dips in the hot tub can also prevent stress-related conditions such as migraines, tension and cluster headaches, and congested sinuses.

blood pressure

Lowering blood pressure and improving cardiac and circulatory health are positive effects of hot tubs in your body. The warm temperature causes the heart to pump faster and harder, and blood vessels to open up, causing a decrease in systemic resistance against blood flow. This lowers blood pressure and improves the delivery of oxygen throughout the body.

This can be beneficial for those suffering from chronic hypertension and those with sluggish circulation such as diabetes mellitus. Also, the increased and effective delivery of oxygen and nutrients by the blood can also nourish the skin to give a healthy, youthful glow.

Improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation

Aside from improved circulation, Type 2 Diabetes patients can also benefit from a drop in blood sugar levels caused by the physical exercise simulation of hot water temperatures. Six days a week hot tub therapy for thirty minutes can help lower blood glucose levels and lose weight.

Soaking in hot tubs can improve joint mobility and muscle relaxation. Those who suffer from arthritis experience joint swelling, pain and stiffness that can lead to decreased flexibility and movement. Spending time in a hot tub can provide relief because of the buoyancy and massage from the tub’s jets that provide support and lessen stress on joints.  These also give a wider range of motion. These can restore and preserve joint strength and mobility, and provide protection from further injury.

Massaging hot tub jets soothe tense muscles and relieve pressure on nerves. The increased blood flow to the muscles helps in healing and recovery after intense workouts, decreasing the need for analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Always consult a doctor first before using a hot tub if there is an existing health condition. Overall, the positive effects of hot tubs in your body show that is one of the best investments for your health as experts continue to discover additional hot tub health benefits that can help enhance your sense of well being and quality of life.

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