Goplus Spa Review - A Closer Look

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January 13, 2021

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Today, we’ll be reviewing the recently released (2019) Goplus Inflatable Hot Tub (available here), taking a closer look at the product and presenting you with all the ins and outs to help you better decide if it’s worth your hard-earned money. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

No time to read the whole review? Here’s our quick summary:

A well made inflatable hot tub that can definitely deliver the relaxation you are looking for, with some very unfortunate quirks. For example the cover is not up to the standard set by similar inflatable hot tubs.

The verdict?

Well-made hot tub, fairly priced, but there’s room for improvement. We definitely prefer the Intex line of inflatable hot tubs to the Goplus. 

Here’s what we think about it in short:

Heater & Blower hidden inside the wall of the spa
Sturdy construction
Unconventional rectangular shape
Filter directly in the hot tub
Lower quality cover
Short drain hose

There’s nothing quite like kicking back in the bubbly warm water of a hot tub. Whether you’re chilling on the weekend, de-stressing from an exhausting day at work, enjoying some quality time with your loved one, or just having some fun with your friends and family, a hot tub is always a great idea to have around the house, especially a portable one!

Yes, you read that correctly, inflatable hot tubs are becoming more and more popular thanks to their multiple advantages over conventional in-ground models.

Portable hot tubs offer higher efficiency when it comes to energy consumption, so they significantly cut down on operation costs. They also give you way more freedom as to choosing where you want to set it up, not to mention, extra features and fewer maintenance issues.

goplus spa with people

Goplus Portable Hot Tub – Diving into Features 

Being a relatively newer concept than traditional in-ground hot tubs, portable hot tubs promise all sorts of features that boost convenience, comfort, and above all, your – the user’s – experience.

The Goplus Hot Tub is no exception in this aspect, packing numerous impressive features that had hundreds of people raving about this Inflatable Outdoor Spa.

So let’s break down all the different features and how they can serve and enhance your outdoor relaxation gateway:

Durable Construction

Longevity is one of the main concerns for a lot of people who are thinking about installing a hot tub outdoors. This is understandable because you can’t control the environment outside the confinement of your house walls.

Unlike an indoor jacuzzi, a portable outdoor hot tub is frequently exposed to various elements that can potentially damage its structure and function. These factors include weather conditions and heavy use.

For the Goplus, the frame was built bearing durability in mind. They used high-quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) to make sure the hot tub is truly wear-resistant.

Hot tub shells made of vinyl are constructed by placing a vinyl layer over a cement frame to produce the desired shape of a hot tub shell. PVC is known to have a relatively good thermal performance, with low thermal conductivity. This means it resists heat transfer, so the tub won’t cool down too quickly letting you enjoy the warmth as long as you can.

The sturdy PVC construction also allows you to use the Goplus hot tub indoors as well as outdoors. Moreover, the I-Beam structure design provides the frame with enough strength to support people sitting on the edges without sinking. In other words, you can actually sit down without worrying about having the walls of the hot tub collapse from right under you.

The fabric on the surface wasn’t overlooked either. It’s soft and skin-friendly, designed to give you maximum comfort without irritating your body.

Cover – The Main Drawback

It should come as no surprise to you how crucial thermal insulation is when it comes to hot tubs, particularly if you’re going to set it up out in the open. In such a case, the tub needs to have a highly efficient insulation system so it can keep the water warm throughout cold times.

The folks at Goplus included a ground cloth with insulating properties to enhance thermal retention for long-lasting warmth. Unfortunately, the cover is another story.

It’s a PU (Polyurethane) cover (it’s included in the spa package). This cover definitely helps with heat retention when you lay it over the top of the hot tub. Additionally, it prevents dirt, debris, sharp objects, and rain from getting inside the tub, keeping it clean and ready to entertain.

However, this cover is no match for inflatable covers of other hot tubs we reviewed, which are way better at insulating the spa, and much easier to work with (no strapping required).

The cover has 6 locks that you have to fasten to make sure it stays in place. The good thing is that the lock-in clips also provide extra safety to prevent any kids from lifting the cover and going into the water without your supervision or to stop your pets from jumping and falling into the water.

Roomy Design

When shopping for a portable hot tub, most people are very concerned with the size of their future outdoor spa. However, we really think it’s a good thing for you to be thinking about, after all, how big or small your hot tub is will determine how many people can join in on the fun!

In other hot tub models, we may be checking out the number of seats integrated into the tub’s construction. But since this is a portable model, you won’t be finding actual seats per se because the whole thing is a seating area!

This explains why we’ll talking dimensions instead of definite seat numbers. The Goplus offers not one, but two different sizes so you can pick the one that better suits your preference.

The first option is big enough to comfortably fit 4 full-grown adults, measuring at:

  • 60.5 inches Length
  • 60.5 inches Width
  • 25.5 inches Height

The second version is large enough to accommodate 6 people at a time, with dimensions:

  • 73 inches Length
  • 73 inches Width
  • 25.5 inches Height

Both sizes are quite suitable for average seating capacity requirements, with a height that’s not too short for taller individuals to be able to immerse their bodies in the warm water, not too long that shorter people will be uncomfortably submerged.

So how do you pick the right size for you? Well, obviously you need to consider the number of members in your family or how many friends you’re likely to invite over.

Other than that, you have to take into account the location where you’re planning to set up the hot tub during use. Is it spacious enough to fit your chosen size?

Also, don’t forget to factor in the cost of the hot tub. The bigger its size, the more water it’ll require to fill up, the more power it’ll need for heating up. Not to mention, more space equals more money, all of which add to extra costs over the initial price.

Easy Set-Up

One of the most evident advantages of portable hot tubs is being rather easy and quick to set up which is also a great feature of this one.

First of all, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of plumbing and drilling work that typically accompanies the installation process of in-ground hot tubs.

This specific model utilizes air as a fundamental part of its set up mechanism, hence the name inflatable.

You may be wondering how the whole inflation thing happens here, well, I think you’d be happy to know it’s actually all done via an automated technique without any manual labor whatsoever.

So how does it inflate? Two words: digital pump. This built-in automatic pump is located at the side of the hot tub, and it’s straightforward to operate. All you need to do is insert the inflation hose into the designated inlet, plug the pump into a standard electric outlet, and then watch your hot tub inflate.

Once you’ve made sure the walls of the tub are firm enough by pressing on them, you can safely remove the hose from the inflation point and the pump. Don’t forget to screw the stopper back into the hot tub to keep the air held inside.

Overall, it’s a very simple procedure that saves you a lot of time and effort, allowing you to dive right into action after just a few minutes of prepping.

Facilitated Transportation and Storage 

By now, you can already tell the Goplus Hot Tub is portable, I mean, that’s kind of the whole point!

However, let’s talk about how easy the manufacturer made it for you to transport and store this Outdoor Spa.

First of all, the body is equipped with strong grab handles to give you decent leverage for convenient transport. These handles also have rubber grips to add security and comfort as you grasp them.

Also, the frame is designed to be as lightweight as possible while still being sturdy enough so that durability isn’t compromised. This makes it easier for you to carry the tub of your choice despite its size since the 4-person model weighs only 47.5 pounds and the 6-person version weighs just about 56 pounds.

When it comes to storage, it offers a simple and quick collapse mechanism so you can be on your way in no time. Start by connecting the drain hose to its respective drain hole, then remove the plug and let the water come out to a nearby drainage ditch or into the ground dirt.

Efficient Filtration

Filtration is another vital aspect of any hot tub, so when deciding between different brands, be sure to check out the efficiency of their filtration systems.

As for the Goplus jacuzzi, it comes with a removable filter cartridge that you can easily screw onto the pump. You should install this cartridge after you finish inflating the hot tub but before you start filling it with water.

Once you begin adding water, the filter is responsible for removing contaminants and chemicals to give you fresh, clean water with better quality. Remember to keep an eye out for the condition of the filter cartridge in use so you know when it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Digital Control Panel

The Goplus features an intuitive control panel to grant you convenient and straight to the point management of your hot tub operation.

The digital control panel includes responsive buttons to let you set your preferred mode and adjust the temperature of the water to your liking. There’s also a digital display that shows the temperature reading.

The Catch?

Now that we’ve discussed most of the attractive features offered by the Goplus hot tub, it’s time to get into some of the less impressive aspects so you can form a wholesome opinion about this product.

  • The hose used for draining the water can be a bit too short. This may be a problem if you’ve chosen a spot that’s not very close to the drainage ditch or wherever you plan on disposing of the water.
  • The included filter is somewhat small, which means you’ll have to change it every 3 weeks or even sooner if you use the hot tub frequently. Also, you’ll need to buy filter cartridges and cleaners more often, so keep the additional cost in mind.
  • The instruction manual that comes with the Goplus Portable Hot Tub isn’t very clear when it comes to steps for setting up and deflating the Outdoor Spa.
  • The bottom of the hot tub could definitely use extra padding to make it softer, especially for kids and older people.

Why Should You Buy the Goplus Portable Hot Tub?

We’ve already talked about the general features of the Goplus Portable Hot Tub and even mentioned some of its drawbacks. But now, we’ll be answering the question you’re probably wondering yourself: what makes this portable hot tub so special?

Well, let’s see!

Rapid Heating

Obviously, this spa is equipped with a heater for the sole purpose of heating up the added water to reach your desired temperature. It offers quite a speedy heating function, impressive to most users.

To understand how this works, we need to take a look at the heater’s voltage, wattage, and heating rate.

Generally speaking, a high voltage heater demands more energy than a low-voltage one, which means it’ll consume higher wattage and consequently greater electricity for extra money.

However, high-voltage heaters don’t take as much time as low-voltage ones to raise the temperature of the water to your ideal level of warmth. Heaters that aren’t very powerful will have to work harder for longer periods to achieve the same results.

With the Goplus, you’re practically having a “best of both worlds” kind of situation because it doesn’t require a huge amount of power yet delivers a rather impressive heating rate, saving up on electric consumption without sacrificing your enjoyment.

It plugs into a standard wall outlet providing 110 volts, so you won’t have to buy or install special outlets and breakers to get this machine up and running.

As for its heating rate, it’s is capable of achieving a 34 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit rise in temperature every hour, with a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, how fast you actually get the water to heat up till reaching your preferred level depends on the initial temperature of the water you added to fill the hot tub. You can control this entire process as well as view the current temperature using the built-in digital control panel.

130 Bubble Jets and Bubble Massage Mode

When it comes to jets and hot tubs, the combo is technically mandatory! Jets are responsible for the job of providing you with various patterns of water pressure to give you a relaxing experience known as hydrotherapy, also referred to as water massage.

It’s a common misconception among people that the more jets you have on a hot tub, the better it performs in hydromassage aspects. However, the design of the jets and how well they’re positioned is what actually makes the biggest difference.

The Goplus Portable Hot Tub is uniquely successful on both levels, whether the number of jets or their placement. It features 130 bubble jets, highly powered and ready to chase your stress away.

These jets work by producing bubbles in all directions to surround your body with soothing pressure and help you ease the aches of sore muscles. It’s an excellent way for people suffering from joint pain to reduce their displeasing sensations.

Bubble massage can also help you improve your sleep as well as relieve anxiety and stress.

Competitive Price

Last but not least, this hot tub comes at an awesome price that makes it almost impossible for anyone to pass up such a deal – keep in mind that the price might fluctuate throughout the year. For the best deal, follow our clearance tracker and price comparison tool.

So if you really think about it, you’ll be owning your very own hot tub without spending too much money that it becomes too big of an investment.

This will also leave you with enough room to think about moving on to more luxurious hot tubs in the future if you decide that you enjoy the experience and feel like you can properly maintain a portable hot tub such as this one.

The Verdict

This inflatable hot tub offers lots of impressive features including a solid construction (it’s really sturdy – inflated to high pressure), simple setup, rapid heating up, as well as some amazing bubble massage action.

The main drawback is the lower-quality cover, which is a pity.

However, it comes at a very reasonable price and you actually get to live the hot tub dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to deflate goplus hot tub?

Unscrew/remove the cap on the deflation valve. The hot tub will deflate itself. Push out remaining air trapped from the hot tub manually.


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