23 Funniest Pool Fails

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June 15, 2020

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Well, it seems pools are like a trouble magnet!
























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What do you imagine when thinking about swimming in the pool? Relaxation? Improving health? Staying fit? Losing weight? Entertaining? It doesn’t actually matter what you imagine before your body gets into the water because it might never happen, as any pool, both located in your backyard and in the fitness center is ready to trick you.

Watching fun pool videos and gifs I never thought something like that might happen to me, but guess what, it did. And it would be great if it happened just once. After two years of swimming experience, I could write a mini-brochure about fails one is almost inevitably doomed to experience in the pool.

Here is my personal TOP 5

  1. Losing your swimwear
    It is spontaneous, it can happen to anyone, and even the best, specially designed for active water sports swimwear doesn’t guarantee you never find yourself half-naked (at best) in the middle of your exercise. Well, at least it is not dangerous for your health. Maybe only for self-esteem, but if you are really concerned about how you look in every situation, the pool is hardly your place to spend time in. Tips: if you jump into the pool, before getting out from water or continuing swimming, check if all parts of your swimming outfit are present.
  2. Falling from the edge
    Typical fail, you will get used to it rather soon. The floor is slippery, jumping areas are polished by hundreds before you, and if you use backyard pool and improvised platforms (chairs, trash bins, back of your friend) your score in ungraceful falls will be close to 50%. Beware! Fun pool gifs show how creative people can be when coming up with the ideas of how to jump into the pool. Don’t try to beat their records.
  3. Falling on someone or hitting someone in the pool.
    When you swim in the public pool you are supposed to do it against the clock. It helps people to keep the reasonable distance and to continue swimming at the needed pace if the poll is crowded. Don’t repeat my mistake. Don’t think that every person coming to your pool knows it. Once you encounter someone on your swimming lane, keep an eye on him or her till you are not sure he or she knows the rules. If you have doubts, don’t be afraid to look snob and condescending and tell the person how to do it right. I have made underwater painful or frightening contacts too many times to ignore this simple rule.
  4. Hitting the wall with your hands or head
    Swimming fast, in right technique makes you energetic and delighted. You feel like you are a new Michel Phelps and Olympic committee is crying somewhere for not having you representing your country. You move as if you fly till you meet the wall – mostly with your hands, but sometimes straight with your head. Why does it happen? You close eyes when swimming, your goggles leak or sweat and you don’t follow the pool marking (in case your pool has one). Hitting the wall is painful and stressful. It makes you extra cautious for some time and decreases your performance, as you start to slow down in the middle of the lane. Just be careful, check your goggles and don’t daydream while swimming.
  5. Quitting attending pool or abandoning your backyard pool
    Doesn’t matter which fails happened and, let’s be honest, will happen to you during this journey, you shouldn’t refuse to have more pool experience. First of all, it is really fun. Secondly, water activities are great both for adults and kids; they help burning fat and enhance your cardiovascular system. Even when you swim slowly or just have some fun in the pool your organism spends extra energy (and extra calories) to keep your body warm and over water, which means you can improve your shape and health without vigorous exercises. And finally… pool activities are altruistic. Becoming a star of the fun pool fail gifs you make people laughing hard, adding extra minutes to their lives.

So the recipe is simple: swim, jump, be careful, mind your swimwear and those who swim next to you, choose right goggles and never quit.

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