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Hot tubs remind me of hot spring pools. I can still remember when my brother and I were younger when our parents would bring us to hot springs during vacations and we enjoyed our day swimming and feasting on grilled barbecue dishes. I spent hours in the warm water not feeling tired but re-energized, up to the point that my mother would have to yell at us to get out of the water. Those trips provided me with warm memories with my family and friends.

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The first time I encountered and learned about Jacuzzis or hot tubs, I was already working. I experienced using it when our company had our annual planning and it was held in a first-class hotel. After the meetings, I shared a room with two of my female colleagues and we enjoyed our night having chats while soaking in the indoor Jacuzzi. It was a luxury to have one back then but I think that’s the main attraction of having one installed at home — the relationship that we build while spending time together cozily over warm soothing water.

Jacuzzis or hot tubs were expensive in the past, but nowadays, there are portable hot tubs being sold at affordable rates. I am thinking of investing in one and having it installed in my newly purchased condominium unit. I so enjoy going to spas and investing in a hot tub would be investing in my health — that’s my personal reason and goal.


It would be so awesome if I get to have one at home. There are times when you just want to spend time with your partner relaxing after a long day at work. It does not only give you a good venue for talks — and cuddling! — but it also benefits your health. I noticed that the warm water and the water massage I get during warm baths on hot tubs relax my nerves. On the other hand, taking a cold shower tightens my veins and causes pain. I usually spend long periods of time facing and typing on my computer and it helps if I get to submerge my body in warm water after a long day of being hunched over my computer. It is much healthier for my veins, as well as my body. Sitting for a long period of time doing deskwork sometimes results to backaches. I cannot regularly exercise because of the demands of my work, and taking a dip in a hot tub with its water jets somehow provides that essential exercise — or at the very least, it soothes my fatigue.

I also tend to travel a lot, flying and going on long road trips as a consultant. I’m sure if you are also a traveler like me, who get to fly weekly, you would definitely find some parts of your back aching due to the pressure of toting heavy luggage or being stationary during long trips. After the travel, I found that warm water relieves those body aches. So imagine how much more relief I’ll get if I get to bathe in hot tubs with water jets massaging my body.

It is also helpful in relieving cold cramps as a result of spending so much time in air-conditioned rooms. Usually, when you stay in the office with A/C, and then you go out, the sudden heat or change of temperature results in more body aches. I discovered that nothing beats the warm bath spent in a hot tub to relieve such stress.

One key to efficiency and effectiveness at work is having a healthy body and disposition. Not only does a warm bath improve my body, but it also improves my disposition. Taking a dip in a hot tub soothes body cramps, as well as my busy mind. When I take warm baths in a hot tub, I feel that the stress immediately leaves my body and I feel at peace as I enjoy the pressure of the water. Most of the time, the hot tub’s lulled me to take a nap while I’m in it! It was such a relaxing experience and I like the water scented when I take a bath.

Also, taking a dip in a hot tub prior to bedtime gives me more quality sleep and I feel more refreshed when I wake up the following morning. Unlike taking pills, I have no morning grogginess and feel lighter while getting out of bed. If you are a bed buddy like me, you may find it hard to leave the confines of your pillows and blanket. But I noticed that since my sleep is more relaxed after a warm bath, getting up immediately is no longer a problem.

Another reason why I find hot tubs awesome is because of my arthritis. Whenever I eat nuts — which I do love to eat — I often feel pain in my joints and fingers. I consulted a doctor and found out that since I am already in my 30’s, I am experiencing early signs of arthritis.

He told me to eat less red meat and reduce my coffee intake so as to diminish the pain caused by inflammation. He also advised me to exercise moderately and lessen my intake of fatty foods. However, again with my kind of work, I tend to sacrifice time for exercise. As a result, I feel the pain in my joints after putting so many hours at work. Going to a spa has helped me relieve this pain. The warmth of the water lessens the pain as well as lowers my body temperature.

I noticed as well that when I take a dip in warm water, my veins relax and become less evident. When I take long walks, my veins turn blue and very clear. It helps to put your feet in warm water with salt when this happens. But if I have my own hot tub, I guess curing varicose veins would be much easier. The hydro massage given by hot tubs will regulate blood circulation and thus, will improve blood pressure as well.

Hot tubs can also be a beauty treatment. Soaking in hot tubs opens the pores and releases toxins. That contributes to the healthy feeling I experience whenever I go to spas. After bathing, I can’t help but notice that my skin is more supple and smooth. Since the pores open up, the sebum on my face, neck, and back is immediately removed while I’m soaping myself. hot tub

Some say that hot tubs also help people with osteoporosis since it improves the circulation of blood because of the hydro massage you get from it. I think that it does makes sense. You see, for blood circulation and hardened veins, I usually ask for home service massages. The problem with hiring someone to give you a massage is that they vary in the pressure they exert while massaging your body. There were times when I felt more in pain instead of feeling relaxed after a massage. It would be best to take a regular 15-minute dip in hot tubs than getting a shiatsu massage from an untrained masseuse because the pressure in hot tubs can easily be regulated. Also, you don’t need an hour, which is usually needed for a full-body massage.

Maybe I haven’t been able to enumerate or mention all the benefits one gets in having your own personal hot tub, but those are some reasons why I say it is awesome to have one installed at home. You get to share pampering time with your loved ones, as well as make sure that the water you used is regularly cleaned and replaced (or as often as you feel like replacing it). Paying for spa services, in the long run, could be more costly than owning your own hot tub. Consider it as an investment for your health.  And if are living with elderlies, like your parents, then it could be beneficial to them as well.

Hot tubs are not limited to a specific age range. It would be awesome to have hot tub parties with children, too. They will surely enjoy the bubbly water and you will not be afraid of them drowning in deep swimming pools. If you want to improve your child’s social life, maybe you can come up with programs wherein you can invite playmates over for your children. My nieces and my nephew love dipping in inflatable pools. Your hot tub may serve the same purpose.

You can also improve the quality of water and enhance your hot tub experience by adding bath salts in it. Meanwhile, other hot tub users prefer to place scented oils or rose petals for a more refreshing bath. With a hot tub, it’s like having your own personal spa at home.

It is a dream for me to have a large hot tub installed at home. I imagine that it would make my partner more excited to go home after a long day at work. Also, in the future, I imagine spending relaxing hours in a hot tub with my baby, while classical music plays in the background. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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