Must see: Dog Enjoying a Hot Tub!

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May 31, 2020

One thing is for certain, dogs know how to get the most out of life.  Whether it's rolling around in the mud, or going for a quick sprint to chase down a squirrel.  It's the simple things.

Our canine friends understand that better than we do, as they often need to remind us when it is time to play, time to eat, and time to go for a walk.  But, what happens when they take it to another level and enjoy the things we thought only a human, or some outrageous Japanese monkeys, would like.

Check out this video of a dog literally living the life of luxury:

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Cuzzie, as his owners call him, does not seem to mind his bath at all.  At least, as long as he has his own hot tub with working jets.  The owners say that Cuzzie will often join them while they are taking a dip, and in this instance, was at it for over 5 minutes.

We sure are glad Cuzzie doesn’t mind being filmed in a Jacuzzi, as this clip has already accumulated over 2.5 million views.  We don't know what to be more jealous of, how wonderful he makes his bath look, or his YouTube stardom.

Is it safe?

If you are concerned that this dog is getting too hot or doing anything but enjoying his massage, you can take a relaxing dip.  We don't recommend putting your dog in a hot tub to see how they react but, Cuzzie couldn’t be happier.  He got himself in the water, has learned where he can stand, and by the end of the video he makes it aware that he has had enough.  Like a child in a pool, he is well supervised, and I wouldn't be surprised if this guy had his own air-conditioned dog house to cool off in after.

Cuzzie is a dog that knows what he likes, in this case, a luxurious water jet back massage.  We may not be professional dog translators, but between his moans and growls of pleasure, he seems to be saying, “bring me my dog biscuits and a beer”.  Or, you know, the dog equivalent of beer.  Reaching this level of bliss from a simple water jet, Cuzzie has set the bar for comfort and relaxation most humans will envy.

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