5 Ways To Keep Your Children Safe in a Hot Tub

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Peter Smith
peter smith
Peter is an inflatable hot tub enthusiast, reviewing and testing hot tubs since 2014.
June 14, 2020

Three of the most common causes of hot tub accidents (people who went to the emergency room) in the US are:

These three account for most of the hot tub accidents recorded over the years and 7% of those accidents have resulted in the hospitalization of the victim.

Let's go through 5 main ways of keeping your children safe from hot tub accidents:

  1. Prevention of Slipping
hot tub safety

Ensure that you put slip-resistant bath mats in your bathtubs.

  1. Heat overexposure prevention

Limit the water temperature when you expect children to stay in the hot tub. Moreover, limit the time of stay in the hot tub.

  1. Drowning prevention

Never leave unattended kids in a hot tub or a pool - constant supervision is key, no matter your children swimming skills. We're getting back to nr. 1 here - a kid might slip and hit it's head, and be unable to swim.

  1. Install Hot Tub Cover whenever the hot tub is not in use

Hot tub covers prevent kids from falling into the hot tub. Not just that, they are essential for keeping the hot tub insulated. Make sure the cover is not easily removed by children.

  1. Have A Complete First Aid Box
    Always have your first AID box ready

Look, let’s face it, accidents do happen. No matter how careful you may be, there are times you can’t prevent accidents from happening. Thus, having a first aid box in the house is not a bad idea at all.

To recap, place slip-resistant bath mats in your tubs, keep the exposure time limited, install hot tub covers, always keep an eye on your children when in the hot tub.

Be safe!


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