Benefits of small personal hot tub
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How A Small Personal Hot Tub Is Better Than A Traditional Spa?

Gone are the days when people used to invest too much of their hard-earned money on traditional wooden tubs. These traditional wooden tubs were often fixed on the ground and required much hassle, whenever the house owner decided to move them from one place to another. Thanks to science and

Coolest dog in the world
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Must see: Dog Enjoying a Hot Tub!

One thing is for certain, dogs know how to get the most out of life.  Whether it’s rolling around in the mud, or going for a quick sprint to chase down a squirrel.  It’s the simple things. Our canine friends understand that better than we do, as they often need

Taking you outdoors with coleman
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Taking You Outdoors with Coleman

Do you like going outdoors? Do you like taking your family on trips where you can all enjoy nature without the discomfort? Then Coleman is all you need. Coleman Company is based in America which specializes in recreational products for the outdoors. It is a huge company headquartered in Wichita.

Intex Inflatables are fun
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Intex Recreation Corp – Hot Tub Manufacturer History

Memories of those good old days when summer was hot and wild always bring to mind long stretches of beach shore, tan lines, and a variety of floats and pool toys. This was the original vision when The Wet Set Company was founded way back in January 1966. Their first

what does big lots sell
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Big Lots – “brand names, closeout prices”

Big Lots, Inc. is an American retail brand situated in Columbus, Ohio. You have a whole range of products available, which includes packaged food and drinks, furniture, toys clothing lines, electronics, and households. Big Lots has over 1,400 stores in 48 States, and most of their products sold are either

what is the average price of a hot tub
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What is the average hot tub price?

To sum it up: A built in concrete hot tub usually costs more than 10,000$, an acrylic one between 5,000$ and 10,000$. A portable hot tub around 2,000$ and an inflatable hot tub for around 400$.  Take those values with a grain of salt, as with everything, the price depends on

Awesome aromatherapy oils
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Aromatherapy Oils for the Best Hot Tub Experience

Everybody deserves that one stress-free Friday night wherein you don’t get to take care of anything else but yourself. You light the candles, turn on that calming music, and ready that warm soothing bath. Then suddenly, you feel like something is absolutely missing. It’s as if you want to relax,

6 important tips you need to know
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6 Essential Tips To Consider Before Buying Your Hot Tub

1. Decide which one do you want Do you want to use your portable hot tub indoors or outdoors? Your answer to this question will determine the size of the hot tub you should purchase. The spa size will, of course, depend mostly on the available space you have. Do you want an inexpensive

What causes a turbid water
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Cloudy and foamy hot tub water – problems and solutions

Turbid water is often a problem number one. It’s one of the biggest problems being faced by a hot tub or pool owners.  By turbid, I mean your hot tub water is cloudy, milky or foamy. In simple terms, your water is not clean. And who would like that? So,

4 questions about hot tub warranty
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Top Four Questions About A Hot Tub Warranty That You Should Ask Before Buying

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make when trying to purchase their hot tubs is to overlook the warranty that comes with the brand of the hot tub they intend to buy. In as much as the dollar discounts are necessary, there may be some fine details

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