5 Essential Hot Tub Accessories

Last updated: 1/16/2021Written by Peter Smith
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Much as a soak in a hot tub provides therapeutic effects, it can also provide a form of relaxation. There are lots of tools to make your soak in a hot tub provide you with a health benefit as well as a relaxing experience.

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In this article, we will go through the must-haves to make you have a very relaxing experience in your hot tub. Aside from these basics, there are also luxurious accessories, but here are 5 must-have tub accessories:

  1. Hot Tub Cover

A cover is essential for the following two important reasons. it provides

  • Protection for the water when the tub is not being used via insulation
  • Preserves energy which in turn reduces energy costs

A tub cover is made of polyvinyl chloride. This means that it also requires regular cleaning. It is highly recommended that cleaning is done on a monthly basis.

  1. Hot Tub Rails

A rail is important because it provides support for anyone coming out of the tub. This eliminates the chance of any form of an accident through slipping.

Some tubs come with a rail. If this is not the case, it can either be bought separately. In some instances, a rail is added to support the base under the tub.

If you are buying your rail, ensure that the height of the rail is the same as the height of the tub. Also, ensure that you buy a rail whose height is adjustable in case you need to make any adjustment to the height of the rail for any reason whatsoever.

  1. Hot Tub Steps

Since tubs are positioned at some height above the ground, a step is important so that you can easily climb to get into your tub. When buying your tub, it is important that you verify that the step is made up of non-slippery material.

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  1. Clean Hot Tub Filters

A clean filter…

  • Protects your tub from micro-organisms
  • Prevents debris from entering your tub
  • Consumes less power, saving you some energy cost in the process. This is so because, with a clean filter, the tub’s pump does not perform any extra work.

To ensure that the filter remains clean so that it can perform its job at an optimum level, you can easily perform the following steps;

  • Remove the filter
  • Allow the filter to dry up
  • Put the filter back in place

It is important that you have an extra filter so that as you allow one filter to dry up, you put in the other filter. This cleaning can be done a monthly basis.

Also, note that a filter’s lifetime period is usually one year. After this time, it is likely that it won’t perform to satisfaction. So you are highly advised that you replace your filter annually.

  1. Hot Tub Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are

  • Chemicals Such As Chlorine Or Bromine And
  • Chemical Test Strips

The Chemicals help you kill micro-organisms in your tub. The chemical strip helps you determine the right amount of chemical to apply in cleaning your tub.

In conclusion, in addition to the 5 basic accessories, there are also luxury accessories such as a hot tub bar, tub pillow, and a foldable canopy. The choice is yours to either add these luxury items to your tub or not. However, with the basic accessories – Hot tub cover, Hot tub rails, Hot tub steps, Clean hot tub filters, Hot tub cleaning supplies – you are assured of a relaxing experience with your tub.

  1. Other goodies

What about a cup holder and a refreshments tray? Everybody would love that!

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