Bestway Helsinki AirJet Hot Tub Review

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January 13, 2021

Hot Tubs have always been introduced by pop culture as a universal symbol of relaxation, and they might be right this time.

Whether you’re trying to escape your hectic weekly routine, or you’ve just come from a tiring day at the gym, this soak in a hot tub is ample to set you back on track.

What’s even more convenient is inflatable hot tubs, since they’re more flexible and easier to use and maintain than regular installed hot tubs.

Multiple great inflatable spas have been introduced to the market in the last few years, the Bestway Helsinki AirJet Hot Tub has one distinct feature - super thin but sturdy walls.

"Video speaks a thousand words"

Choosing an Inflatable Hot Tub

When choosing a blow-up spa, you need to consider its temperature restrictions and whether they’re suitable for your needs. Check out our definite inflatable spa buying guide to help you with the final decision.

Since the water needs constant cleaning and filtering, an advanced filtering system is also a crucial feature.

Massage systems, capacity (size), and durability are also among the features you should look up before buying. The size depends on whether it’s only you using it or the whole family, or friends.

Although the spa is inflatable, it’s important to find one that’s both durable and flexible to avoid any punctures.

Let’s dive into the details of the SaluSpa Helsinki hot tub.

General Features

Saluspa Helsinki’s renowned product provides impressive features that make it a popular option at a reasonable price compared to its capabilities.

The Bestway Helsinki has a wood paneling design. It weighs about 84.9 lbs, is 70.8 inches wide, and has a height of 25.98 inches.

It also comes with its own inflating pump (which also serves as a pump for air bubbles – a standard among inflatable hot tubs) and has a drain valve for releasing water.

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Heating System

The hot tub can hold up to 230 Gallons and has a maximum heating temperature of 104˚F (this is actually the maximum limit set by law). The time it takes to reach your desired temperature differs according to external weather factors, but it usually heats up with a rate of 1-2˚F/hour. To minimize temperature losses, definitely use the included hot tub cover!

Furthermore, you don’t need to get out of the tub to change the temperature. Thanks to its automated temperature control and digital control panel controllable from inside. Yup, you can do it safely even with wet hands.

The tub is coated with aluminum foil, which preserves the water’s temperature. An insulated cover is also provided with the tub.

Filtration System

The AirJet Hot tub comes with pre-installed filtering cartridges. They’re installed within the insides of the tub’s walls to prevent water contamination.

The system automatically starts once you’ve turned on the heating system. However, it still functions even after disengaging the heater.

Moreover, it’s integrated with a ChemConnect dispenser, which releases chlorine when needed to maintain the water’s cleanness. Check out our tips on how to take care of your hot tub water.

Massage System

The massage is based on an AirJet bubble system that you could enjoy with the heat. The air bubble massage jets are located within the bottom of the tub.

Therefore, the system doesn’t only massage your back, but the jets are also oriented to provide relaxation to all the body muscles.

With 83 air jets lined up blowing air, the temperature could go down by two or three degrees. However, it shouldn’t make a huge difference and is absolutely worth the soothing effects of the bubbles.

Another minor inconvenience is that the air pump for jets produces a noise similar to that of a small vacuum cleaner, which could be annoying for some people, but this is a common feature in all air jet tubs. And unfortunately, it doesn’t have a pre-installed high-powered massage water jet. Truth is, a lot of people prefer the airjets massage instead of a steady jet of water.


The Bestway spa’s exterior is made of a tri-tech puncture-resistant material. The wall isn’t too thick relative to the other hot tubs, but it’s strong enough to support your full weight.

It has a flexible insulating interior and a rigid outer shell, which is as practical as those in the fixed walled hot tubs.

Overall, this provides stability and increases its longevity. It also won’t bend much when people sit on the edge.

In addition, the I-beam wall construction will prevent any buckling as it prevents the wall from losing its shape. It’s also provided with repair patches, which are helpful in case raptures or punctures occur.


Fortunately, the tub won’t take much space in your backyard even though it has a relatively high capacity. This is mainly because its walls aren’t that thick, so the inner diameter is almost 5.5 feet.

The tub can hold 4-6 people, which means it’s family-friendly. It’s also wide enough for you to spread your legs when sitting alone.

However, it can’t hold any accessories like inflatable pillows or drink holders, since the walls are too thin to hold them.


The tub usually comes with a detailed instructions manual, and the procedures are quite easy.

You should use the control unit, which includes the heating, filtration, and pumping systems, to inflate the pool cover and liner.

Next, you should attach the hoses and have them inflated as well. The final pumping is usually done by a high-pressure hand pump to avoid over-inflation. And finally, you add water.


Aside from occasionally disposing and refilling the water, the tub doesn’t need much maintenance. However, you’ll have to buy the chemical tablets and filters, as they aren’t included in the package.

The spa can withstand colder climates and is marketed as a 4 season hot tub. However, there are certain precautions and steps to follow during winter.

You should also drain the water and refill with a fresher one every now and then, depending on how often you use the tub.

It also has a lift handle, which makes it easier to reposition it without having to dismantle it. Though you still need to drain the water inside to do so.

Product Highlights

The Bestway Helsinki tub offers some unique features in its flexibility in the heating system and control unit, as well as its large capacity.

Digital Control Panel

One of this product’s most impressive features is its control panel, which is an automated timer that allows you to change the flow of jets and water temperature.

You can also set your desired temperature, and the timer will automatically shut off the heating system once it’s reached.

Moreover, it regulates inflation and prevents the freezing of water, and avoids any possible damages to the tub by increasing the water flow when necessary.

Custom Support

This is more related to the company itself. Bestway has enhanced its supportive duties by designing a support page where you can contact them, request a callback, or just check the frequently asked questions.

The page contains articles and illustrative videos to solve common issues and provide more information about their products. You can contact them through email, request a callback, or submit a form.


One of the main reasons the tub can preserve its temperature is because of its aluminum coating, as it’s capable of keeping the water heated for longer periods.

In addition to its insulating interior, the insulating covers are provided with lock-clips. This helps in reducing heat loss when the heating system is turned off, usually taking about three hours for the water to go down by 1˚F.


The Bestway Helsinki AirJet Hot Tub is a convenient solution for relaxation. Its customized features make it easier to maintain and set the tub.

Its heating system, which is provided by the digital control panel and the efficient coating techniques, ensures maximum warmness and comfort.

Furthermore, its capacity to hold up to 6 people, without much cramming, is also quite impressive and rare relative to the other tubs.

All in all, I think the tub is very suitable for a breezy and soothing soak, we all deserve a break after a long day after all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChemConnect?

ChemConnect is a trademarked hot tub chemical dispenser suitable for ClearWater Multifunction Tablets. Its chemical release is fully adjustable. It’s considered superior to floating chemical dispensers.


How do you use ChemConnect?

  1. Unscrew the two parts
  2. Add chlorine tablets
  3. Mount on the filter outlet on the inside of the hot tub
  4. Once you start the filtration, the water will start flowing through the ChemConnect
  5. Adjust the amount of release by rotating the grey knob

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6 comments on “Bestway Helsinki AirJet Hot Tub Review”

  1. Having owned one for a while, these tubs are faulty. The seal on the glue peels away from inside. I've had three replacement liners and even a pump that started a house fire. The replacement liners are over £600 to buy. Repairs are near impossible as the texture inside means the Repairs dont stick. For the past few weeks Ive used pool specific kits but the leak is just moving upwards along its own seam from the join inside.

  2. I bought my Helsinki spa tub in June in 2019 and in less than 2 years the interior seal has completely gone, making it useless. It is not worth the £600 for the 2 summers I used it for.