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June 21, 2022
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The Saluspa Miami is an inflatable hot tub that is designed to be used by up to 4 adults at a time. As a portable hot tub, the Saluspa can be used in virtually any area of the house as long as there is an electrical socket present. Keep in mind, that you also have to have a good foundation to place the hot tub on as it will get really heavy when filled with water. The hot tub can be easily set up and is fully functional within a matter of minutes (but the initial heating can take the whole day).

Saluspa Miami

SaluSpa Miami

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Features and Specifications

The Saluspa Miami has dimensions of 71 by 71 by 26 inches and weighs about 54 pounds. It runs on 110 volts and can carry up to 192 gallons of water.

Its features include a rapid heating system, a water filtration system, a massage system, and a digital control panel. The portable hot tub can increase the water temperature to about 104 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for soothing sore muscles.

The soothing effect is further enhanced through the use of massage jets that are integrated into the tub’s design. The control panel enables users to change the settings of the hot tub even when they are inside the tub. The Lay-Z-Spa Miami comes packaged with a cover, a set-up and maintenance DVD, filter cartridges, and a chemical floater.

If you want a hot tub with built-in LED lights, check out SaluSpa Paris.


Very nicely designed hot tub for up to four people. It has a nicely designed digital control panel where you can change your temperature and turn off and on the water jets. You need no tool to assemble this hot tub. It’s super easy! The assembling will be a pleasure, as it is super fast.

If you ever wanted to have your own hot tub (everybody wants that), this one is the right choice. Nicely designed and very affordable. You can place it both indoors and outdoors. Both placements have their benefits. While indoors is always warm, being under the sky – or even better, the night sky in the inflatable spa is an awesome experience. With the weight of only 67 pounds (pretty light for a hot tub), it won’t be a problem to change the placement of your hot tub easily. Just test it out!

What is included?

What is more romantic than soaking in a hot tub with your partner? What is more relaxing after a hard day of work? Bestway Saluspa comes with a cover included! A cover is a must for all hot tub owners as it prevents the heat from leaking. Covering your hot tub while not in use will save you a LOT of money, and will keep the water clean.
It even comes with a setup DVD to guide you through the process of assembling.

But that’s not everything! It comes with two filter cartridges and one chemical floater!
This is an ideal and affordable hot tub for a lot of households!


The Saluspa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub is one of the best priced portable hot tubs in the market considering all of the features that it has. Many people will surely enjoy this hot tub because of its capabilities as well as its benefits. Perfect for use both in and out of the house, it will take relaxation to entirely different levels. You will never go wrong when you purchase this hot tub.

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6 comments on “SaluSpa Miami Review”

  1. Where can I buy new filters for salusspa miami, everything in my city is too big. Victoria BC. We do love it, just need help cleaning it.

  2. Directions are insufficient and no clear identification of parts and pieces. Need better directions for maintenance and cleaning. Like the product but needs a little work on the directions.

  3. Hello, we just purchased one of these spas yesterday and so far it has been the best idea and fathers day gift!
    It may not be comfortable or roomy enough for all 4 of us at one time, without feeling crowded, but with our schedules and such, chances are there will only be two of us in it at time.
    I am so far very pleased with the purchase.

  4. OK Got It. Thanks How do I eliminate that "power saving" feature? I want the tub "ON" and "HOT" at all times. When I am in pain, the tub needs to be ready for me. I was very disappointed to find it at 74 degrees and not 103

  5. mine was delivered without a chemical floater and with no filter cartridges. When I complained, they shipped 2 cartridges for me - but where do the filter cartridges go? Where do I install them? Instructions are horrible to follow. Please tell me where to put the filters once they arrive.