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Liquid Sand Hot Tub (Must See Science Trick)

If ordinary water-filled hot tubs are boring for you. Did you know that it's possible to swim in the sand? We neither. Check out this video of a hot tub filled with ordinary sand and a bit of science magic.

How Portable is a Blowup spa?

Just what is an inflatable spa? It might sound too good to be true but it’s actually exactly that -- a hot tub that is inflated with air. And to add more, it is also portable. So, how does it work? And just how portable is it? Here it goes: An inflatable hot tub is […]

Amazing Outdoor Gear: Portable Hot Tub Hammock

You may have heard about jacuzzis. But are you familiar with the hot tub hammock? It is another useful gear that adds more fun to your camping and outdoor getaway. In simple words, a hot tub hammock is a hammock that you can also use as a hot tub. Yes, you heard it right. It […]

How A Small Personal Hot Tub Is Better Than A Traditional Spa?

Gone are the days when people used to invest too much of their hard-earned money on traditional wooden tubs. These traditional wooden tubs were often fixed on the ground and required much hassle, whenever the house owner decided to move them from one place to another. Thanks to science and engineering we now have the […]

Must see: Dog Enjoying a Hot Tub!

One thing is for certain, dogs know how to get the most out of life.  Whether it's rolling around in the mud, or going for a quick sprint to chase down a squirrel.  It's the simple things. Our canine friends understand that better than we do, as they often need to remind us when it […]

Taking You Outdoors with Coleman

Do you like going outdoors? Do you like taking your family on trips where you can all enjoy nature without the discomfort? Then Coleman is all you need. Coleman Company is based in America which specializes in recreational products for the outdoors. It is a huge company headquartered in Wichita. They also have some facilities […]