Aromatherapy Oils for the Best Hot Tub Experience

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January 16, 2021

Everybody deserves that one stress-free Friday night wherein you don’t get to take care of anything else but yourself. You light the candles, turn on that calming music, and ready that warm soothing bath. Then suddenly, you feel like something is absolutely missing. It’s as if you want to relax, but you cannot. This is the part when aromatherapy can save the day!


Aromatherapy oils are made out of natural and organic oils from several diverse plants. It basically works by stimulating the scent receptors in your nose. These receptors then send signals to a section of the brain that controls emotions, which in turn provides a calming effect.

Adding these oils to your hot tub effectively releases aromatherapy properties. In most cases, aromatherapy is produced through steaming. However, since the heated water in a hot bath is continuously concentrating, it helps diffuse the scented particles.
Below is a list of essential aromatherapy oils that will provide the best hot tub experience:


1. Peppermint

This stimulating scent is mainly used to release tension, especially in the muscles. Peppermint is known to relieve aching in different parts of the body including headaches and muscle pain. It is also a powerful stimulant to the brain resulting in an increase in mental sharpness. It also aids in relieving nasal congestion, migraines, and digestive problems.


2. Lavender

Lavender is the most commonly used aromatherapy oil due to its overall calming effects. Aside from its sweet blissful scent, it has helped a lot of those suffering from anxiety. It also serves as a medicinal antiseptic especially for burns, insect bites, and muscle pain.

Tea Tree

3. Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil is a definite miracle worker. It has been popularly known as an alternative medicine for almost all skin conditions. Not only does it helps alleviate skin wounds but also tends to lessen the irritation.


4. Eucalyptus

This aromatherapy oil is sure to clear your airways up. It is known to relieve nasal congestion and other respiratory problems including common colds and asthma. It is also an effective natural antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory.

Always make sure that when purchasing your own aromatherapy oils, they are naturally and organically made. These essential oils must also be diluted well in the water in order to take effect. In a case of any allergic reactions or health concerns, it is best to contact your doctor.

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