Buying A Used Hot Tub

water-424807_1920The main reason why anyone will consider buying a used hot tub instead of a new one is basically price. While a new tub will cost in the range of thousands of dollars, a quality used one can be bought for around one thousand dollars. But if you really want a new one + a quality one, then go for inflatable or portable hot tubs which are both inexpensive and quality-made.

As with anything used, there must be a lot of questions going through your mind and in this case, the top 5 of those questions are most likely to be;

  • Where do I buy from?
  • Why will someone want to sell?
  • Who do I buy from?
  • What do I look for before I make payment?
  • What are the missing pieces I need to know?

This article attempts to give you a satisfactory answer to these questions so that you can make the right decision whenever you or anyone close to you intend to buy a used hot tub.

  • Where Do I Buy From?

The 3 most reliable places to look into will be;

  • The internet: more specifically craigslist. This is because much as there are lots of bad eggs there, there are also genuine sellers there.
  • Local search. Checking the classified section of your community newspaper will grant you access to offers close to you.
  • Hot tub auctions. Sale auctions are almost always taking place at one time or the other. To find out if there is any auction close you is taking place or is about to take place. When you make use of this option, be on the lookout for hot tub models with well-known manufacturers. Also, be sure that these manufacturers are known for quality products and that there are readily available spare parts for their hot tub.
  • Why Will Someone Want To Sell?

Ask if it is not included. If a seller wants to sell just for the sake of it, take caution. It is acceptable to sell if the seller is interested in selling because a new one is coming, he/she has lost interest, he/she has no time again for hot tub soak or is trying to relieve himself of a bad tub experience.

  • Who Do I Buy From?

It is best to buy from actual owners. Why? More often than not, they provide the best deals.

  • What Do I Look For Before I Make Payment?

If you are searching on the internet, ensure that the seller provides a decent picture of the tub. Big turn-offs for you in a picture will be

  • A scratched outside of the tub,
  • A torn cover,
  • Presence of dirt inside the water, or
  • Leaves scattered all over the place

If the picture of the tub by the seller indicates any of the above, move on to the next seller.

The description is also important when searching for a used hot tub using the internet. The description must include the;

  • Location of the seller
  • Number of seats the tub can contain
  • A dimension of the tub
  • A height of the tub
  • Problems associated with the tub. For example, does it require a new cover?
  • The reason why the seller intends to sell and of course,
  • Asking price
  • What Are The Missing Pieces I Need To Know?

You must know that you will need

  • The services of a professional to help you out with
  1. The technical stuff, for example, pumps.
  2. The determination of the actual worth of the tub you intend to buy. To do this, you may have to send him the full description as it is on the advert.
  • An electrician to help you connect your tub at your place. So, factor in the cost of this service.
  • To transport the tub to your place and it has to be done by a professional. A quick search in your neighborhood should provide you with a service that will suit you. Again, factor in this cost in your expenses
  • To physically inspect what you intend to buy. So if the seller’s location is not close by, include the cost of this at your expense.

Speaking of physical inspection, when you inspect, ensure that

  • The tub is working as described except for the problem indicated
  • There are no pools of water around the edges of the tub. If this is so, it implies that there are pipe leaks and this means extra cost on your part.
  • Check that all buttons are working accurately

The owner is willing to accept that the presence of a professional to help with the inspection

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