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It wasn’t long ago when hot tubs were only meant for the rich and fortunate among us. You needed a house big enough for it and some extra shillings to buy and maintain them. Inflatable hot tubs have changed the scenario. They’re affordable and simple to maintain. Everyone can now reap the benefits and comfort that a hot tub provides without breaking the bank.

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Verdict: Busy? Here’s what you need to know about the Aleko Inflatable Spa

The Aleko Oval (check more about Aleko company here) is a small lightweight inflatable spa that does all the basics right (mostly). Designed for use by 2 people (don’t forget to checkout another 2 person hot tub here) , it heats water well and has a decent bubble function too. But, that’s about it. Its durability has been questioned by many users and there are way better alternatives for the price. Our top pick, for instance, offers a lot more and actually comes cheaper than the Aleko hot tub.


  • Extremely lightweight (package weighs just 50 pounds)
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Easy set-up
  • A full suite of accessories
  • Powerful bubble air jets


  • Expensive
  • Average heat retention
  • Questionable durability
  • Lackluster customer service

Intro to the product

The Aleko Oval is the smallest in the Aleko family. It fits 2 people and is basic when it comes to features. The best thing about it is its lightweight construction. It’s a good choice if space is a constraint and your floor can’t take much weight.

While there are better options for the asking price, this hot tub might still be a great choice for some people. We describe the product and its many quirks below in our detailed review.

Rundown of the Aleko Spa

Durability and construction

The package weighs a paltry 50 pounds when shipped making it easy to move around and setup. Aleko can be set-up alone without any help. As far as inflatable hot tubs go this has to be among the simplest ones we’ve seen.

Overall, the model is praised for its simplicity and ease of use. But is it enough? Standing at just over 2 feet above the ground, it is easy to get in and out of.

What we are not sure of, is the build quality. Why? Its lightweight construction means that Aleko had to skimp a bit on the PVCs they used. A common issue we observed had to do with the tub losing its shape over time. 

aleko hot tub top view

Capacity, shape, and size

The Aleko HTIO2BLD (the product code of this hot tub) can hold 145 gallons of water. It’s obviously not the most spacious of the lot. It can get pretty cramped up with two hefty individuals but it’s not a concern for most of its target customers, we feel.

The rounded corners and the oval shape lets the hot tub take up less space while still being roomy enough to fit two.

The feature set on offer

Heating is taken care of by a 900-watt water heater. On a good day, you can expect the tub to heat up by about 3-degree Fahrenheit an hour. We observed that the tub doesn’t do so well in retaining heat though. In colder climates, the 900-watt heater might need some time to get working, with some customers plugging it in for almost half a day at times.

The bubble jet seems to work well given the tubs small size. It’s also pretty silent with next to no droning noises during use. One caveat though is that the bubble jet turns off after every 20 minutes and doesn’t turn back on for another 10.

Filtering is handled by a proprietary water filtering system with one filter cartridge included in the box. It works well enough making sure dust, pollen, and other nasty stuff stay out.

Coming to the control panel, it can’t get more basic than this. The Aleko comes with only 4 options on the control panel – temperature, heat toggle, bubbles function, and the filter toggle.aleko features

Nice to have extras

You shouldn’t expect much from products sold at bargain prices, but this hot tub comes with decent accessories to boot. You get hoses and other fittings to help you get started quickly. The package also comes with a fitted cover. We found the cover to be decent but it doesn’t wrap around all that tight. The Aleko tub also comes with a ground cloth to prevent debris on the ground from damaging its bottom. It also seems to grip the tub in place without letting it slip.

There’s also an L-shaped drinks holder/tray that slides under the tub when not needed. It’s a little flimsy and the cheap plastics used to make it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.


Price is moderate, usually there are cheapest options available. The price becomes a sticking point when compared with similarly priced but larger and better tubs. The main selling point we believe is how light and small it is. But at this price, it won’t be a great value for most people.

So, why should you buy it?

As we said, it’s a safe choice for people short on space. It’s light-weight, easy to set up & maintain, which means it’s great for people using it alone. In fact, we think it’ll be a great choice if you’re buying a hot tub just for medical or therapeutic uses.

The included accessories and manuals can get you up and running without hassle. Most things work as they’re meant to and the spa is as reliable as they come at this price.

But it’s a hard sell because…

The price is a bit steep for our tastes. As we mentioned before, even our top pick from the best-selling list is cheaper by a huge margin.

The build quality leaves a lot to be desired and the features on offer are basic at best. Some customers who bought the tub online complained of lackluster customer service as well.

Sinking $$$ into a product that feels a bit cheap and this barebone doesn’t make much sense.


We’d like to conclude by saying this, It’s a good choice for a few and a horrible one for many.

Make no mistake here, we’re not saying Aleko’s offering is bad by any means. In our opinion, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a small low maintenance inflatable spa tub. It feels like it’s targeted toward an audience looking for a hot tub’s therapeutic uses rather than recreational.

The Aleko HTIO2BLD is among the best inflatable hot tubs you can buy if you have a space crunch and you’re likely to use it alone. In all other cases, you’re better off buying something else. Visit our homepage for our round-up of the best inflatable hot tubs you can buy right now.

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