Hot Tub Accidents

Three of the most common causes of bathtub accidents are;

  • Slipping
  • Overexposure to heat
  • Near drowning

This three account for nearly 75% of bathtub accidents recorded over the years and some of these accidents have resulted in the hospitalization of the victims (source: The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System).

In this article, I will be going through 5 ways of keeping your children safe from hot tub accidents.

From the causes stated above, there are ways to prevent any of the above from happening;

  1. hot tub safetyPrevention of Slipping

Ensure that you put slip-resistant bath mats in your bathtubs. Of course, you know that slipping may cause your child to hit any part of their body in the tub most especially the head or limbs.

  1. Prevention of Overexposure To Heat

In order to prevent this, ensure that no electrical device is close to the bathtub. While in order to prevent unnecessary burns, the water heater should be set to a maximum of 95 degrees Fahrenheit (according to the consumer product protection agency) and if that seems too much, it is better to use a mixture of cold and hot water then use only a hot water which will cause burns.

  1. Prevention of Drowning

To prevent this, ensure that you install handrails on your bathtub, this is to make entry into the tub and exit out of the tub very easy.

Also, constant supervision is key. Ensure that you always keep an eye on your children no matter their level of swimming skills

Other prevention techniques are;

  1. Install Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers prevent accidental falls prevents dust from entering the tub which can cause dirt to the skin. Ensure that you install tub covers that come with lock – most of them do, but it is better not to forget this when buying your tub cover. After installation, ensure that you always lock the tub after use.

  1. Use Of The Gates

If your hot tub is so large that you can’t find a large enough cover for it, then, you might want to build a gate to secure the tub area. Build a gate and lock the gate after use. The gate doesn’t have to be too high just small enough to prevent the kids from getting access.

After installing the gate, educate your kids on the dangers of playing around the gate or trying to jump over it as a form of amusement.

  1. Train Your Children To Swim

    Teach your children how to swim

Starting from at least the age of 4, train your children on how to swim, this is because most children love to play around water and thus if they know how to swim, they can at least get themselves to safety even if you are not around.

  1. Have A Complete First Aid Box

    Always have your first AID box ready

Look, let’s face it, accidents do happen. No matter how careful you may be, there are times you can’t prevent accidents from happening. Thus, having a first aid box in the house is not a bad idea at all.

To recap, place slip-resistant bath mats in your tubs, use water heater temperature of at most 95 degrees Fahrenheit, install tub covers or secure the tub with gates, always keep an eye on your children when they are making use of the tub, train them on how to swim starting at age four and you have gone miles ahead in preventing hot tub accidents from your household.

Be safe!


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